Windows 8 $39.99 Upgrade Offer Will Support the Release Preview



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Steve Ballmer can shove Windows 8 right up his ass.

Microsoft sacrificed OS sales, PC sales, and the PC gaming market to compete with Sony, because they were so afraid Playstations would become entertainment centers.

Now they want to sacrifice their own business software, even more PC sales, and even more OS sales to compete with smart phones.

Microsoft is fucking insane, because the people running it are fucking insane.



If I upgrade from Vista, it blows away my apps. But if I upgrade to 7 and then to 8, I get to keep them. Convenient... for Micro$oft.



i've been using W8 for 1 month and it is the fastest OS i've tried
for those W7 lovers you have the Desktop mode and i believe the games for the next year will require W8, MS sales tactics



Like damicatz said, you couldnt pay me to install this crap on my pc! I have the preview installed on my laptop and I cant stand to even use the damn thing! Im totally sticking with Win7!!



You couldn't pay me to install this piece of malware.

My computer is my own. I refuse to let Microsoft dictate what operating systems I can and cannot boot and I refuse to let Microsoft dictate what software I can and cannot install.

Metro is an annoyance, a Fisher-Price UI for the clueless. Restricted boot and the walled garden are far more dangerous.




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If it searches for the Windows.old folder to determine if a valid version of Windows was on the machine beforehand, then I'm out of luck. I got rid of that folder to preserve space on my SSD.



I don't think it will. It simply looks at the current install before installing over it.



I didn't care for it. Ill stick with windows 7 until they come out with windows 9 or whatever they call it and only get it after service pack 1 or 2.



Won't touch it unless Metro can be fully disabled along with any stupid floating phone tiles and it has the 2000 classic theme. No point upgrading anyway. Gamers don't need it and standard office/work/internet stuff doesn't need it either.



This is why they will release some big new game (are there still big new games for Windows?) that ONLY works with Windows 8 -- the ONLY reason it ONLY works with Windows 8 is to get us to upgrade to Windows 8.

Normal MS (and other) business tactics. You know - "in the service of the customer".

Hilarity indeed.



"Normal MS (and other) business tactics. You know - "in the service of the customer"."--

It is the called the Bend Over Blues. Or if your a Crystal Gayle fan. " Don't you make my brown eye black and blue...."

Normal business tactics unfortunately.



Nice offer I guess it's the only way they think anyone will buy it. I have tried it out and find the metro UI sucks. It would be fine (maybe) if I was going to use it on a tablet I guess, but on my Desktop or Laptop - no thanks. I just hope they come the their senses and dump the Metro UI or at least make it optional to use. Else I do see Win7 becoming the next XP - The O/S that won't die.



I plan on buying a full "Ultimate", or whatever they call it, version.

It's a very good OS, better than Win 7 in a couple of ways, and if you don't like Metro you really don't have to deal with it all that much, you can for the most part run just like you run on Win 7.



Penterax - "you can for the most part run just like you run on Win 7."

Jacob Stanbery - "Just uninstall the Metro apps, and it becomes a shiny new Windows 7."

So why not run Windows 7? As for me, I think the only way I could be LESS interested in Windows 8 would be if Steve Ballmer personally egged my house in the middle of the night.




The point is that it is step one of a two step OS overhaul. The only thing anyone seems to be paying attention to is "Metro". Microsoft didn't just slap a crappy new UI on Windows 7 and repackage it. There are significant improvements in the core of the OS itself.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of actual bad new things in there too (like what everyone refers to as the "walled garden" and "secure boot" but I think MS will backpedal on those soon enough when they realize their potential customers won't have any of it).

However, there are real improvements that deserve $40 (or much more) and move you one step closer to what the real upgrade in Windows 9 holds. I also guarantee you won't be able to go to Windows 9 from anything other than Windows 8. We'll all be on 8 sooner or later (or on Linux, I guess).



Are you talking about just getting rid of the APPs screen totally or just the Apps I couldn't find anything on the web except deleting all the buttons on the Metro Start up.


Jacob Stanbery

Just uninstall the Metro apps, and it becomes a shiny new Windows 7. The $40 upgrade gets you the "Pro" version. It's the highest consumer version.



There is a good chance a lot of your Metro Settings will be saved, as long as your logged into Release Preview with a Microsoft Account.



But who has metro settings or a microsoft account? My only "metro app" is "desktop".

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