Windows 7's Multitouch Is Impressive for Productivity and Gaming



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What idiot came up with a touch .....screen......the Windex shareholders?  Big we trade carpal tunnel for lumbar tunnel.  Either that or you have to have your arms in the air all day...Does anyone actually think these things through before foisting them on the public?  Sure with an uber OS to back it...maybe....aka  the touch screens on the Star Trek shows and movies (but even those had 80% of the controls that needed touched...NOT on the screen itself, but on the controls surface below), which is probably what spawned the idea in the first place.  Big difference though in the Star Treks and real life....they had a GOOD operating system (one that didn't require 15,000 clicks or cursor adjustments, to accomplish even the common day to day  tasks) backing the touch screens.  Todays OS's would leave any touch surface....unreadable in a matter of minutes...they could even add a ....3x12 inch screen down on the keyboard surface for those Photoshop picture swishers.  Just think of how many times we use the mouse click or cursor rolls in day to day computing, then imagine what our screens would look like if all those clicks and rolls had potato chip grease on them.

Corn nut prints on my screen...stay back!  Touch screen/surfaces are a great idea...they just put them in the wrong place.  We need to keep the touch controls off the viewing screen and instead put them where the keyboard on a laptop exists today...THAT would be a GOOD idea.  Not to mention it would eliminate the ever present problem of dust, food fragments, soda etc., from getting in our keyboards in the 1st place. 

While I'm at it...what doofus came up the the touch pad/ keys arrangement on laptops?  Who decided the actuate keys should be BELOW the touch pad?  They belong above and to the right (and/or left, for leftys)...that way the cursor could be driven by your thumb, leaving your fore and middle finger already resting on the actuate keys.  Ya know...sorta like you hand is built?   lol?

Sometimes I think I'm the only person left....NOT doing drugs  :/ 


Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



but Duuuuuude you have to try this shit, it'll blow your mind maaaaaaaaaaaaan



gaming is interesting if multi touch replaces the mouse but do the games need to suport multi touch or just the tablet/os converts them to mouse gestures.


For example if i'm playing City of Heroes could do this


tap Rage

tap Shield charge, tap target location

Teleport there

tap Foot Stomp

Enjoy the carnange as i tap Knockout Blow as i send a Roman into orbit.



Everyone seems to be close-lipped on what wonders this thing would do to pornsites! Just imagine lol.


Keith E. Whisman

Imagine the smudges and the curly hairs on the screen... LOL...



I saw this in a video and it was really unsmooth.


Keith E. Whisman

how about a virtual craps table. That would really put the multitouch to the test. The system can act as the dealer.

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