Windows 7's Device Stage Takes Center Stage at WinHEC



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so, if I'm reading this correctly, (and I'd like to think that I am) the end result of this feature is really that there won't be device compatibility problems that there were in vista. Sorry, but sounds like "this is what vista was supposed to be" OS to me... not that that's even a bad thing. More about the fact that MS should just be straight up with its customers about vista instead of the meandering "eh it had issues but they're all fixed now. Kinda. Hey! Look at windows 7."


Keith E. Whisman

I've got a better name for it on the device end. Call it Plug and Play 2.0 as hardware vendors will have to supply more information to the OS via firmware. Like information on how many USB ports a keyboard or monitor has built in. Stuff like that. Instead of all USB ports being bunched together it will be awsome if the extra USB ports that come with printers, keyboards and monitors would show up as part of these devices. That would be awsome especially for troubleshooting problems.



Handy for the average computer user if vendors actually use it.

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