Windows 7 Won't be the Savior of SSDs



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" it might be another three years before HDDs are finally dethroned."

or maybe not!



SSDs most likely wont fully replace HDDs for years. The manufacturers aren't aiming them for main stream, they are aimed squarely at dethroning high performance HDDS, and they are well on their way. At the current rate I think you will see 10k rpm desktop drives all but disapear from the market in the near future. I'm interested to see what WDs velociraptors sales look like right now compared to this time last year.

As for main stream use, I don't think SSDs are going to outsell HDDs for some time. The manufacturers are going to charge big bucks for them because they are new and far superior to spinning media. After another year or so when they are done parading around their high end models you will start seeing more mainstream oriented, reliable drives at prices rivaling HDDs. My guess is, atleast 3 years before you see emachines offering an SDD equiped desktop, and probably atleast a year from now before SDDs capture the bulk of the notebook market.



"...they're going to have to do it the old fashioned way - by offering a better, or at least comparable, bang for buck..."

When the SSDs show a significant performance increase at the user level for let's say less than twice the price compared to good old HDs, then we'll start buying them.



didnt know SSDs needed saving.  This is like every brand new computer thing.  Starts out high and after a year or so its affordable.

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