Windows 7 Will Receive Some DirectX 11.1 Features After All



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Well, you're quite a few days late to the game, found out about this last week!



Downloaded and tried to install. Tells me that I already have this installed. Guessing it must have been included in a weekly update.



I'm kind of hoping to see OpenGL popping up more now that Valve has shown that OpenGL has better performance than DirectX.



That's not necessarily true. This whole "OpenGL has better performance than DirectX" claim came from this post on Valve's blog:

Parts of this blog were taken wayyyyy out of context and sensationalized. For example, compare the original blog post to the ExtremeTech posting:

The real story from the original Valve blog post says "We have been doing some fairly close analysis and it comes down to a few additional microseconds overhead per batch in Direct3D which does not affect OpenGL on Windows. Now that we know the hardware is capable of more performance, we will go back and figure out how to mitigate this effect under Direct3D."

Basically, Valve's own code was adding additional overhead in DirectX which they didn't realize. Now that they know this, they are going to fix their code to prevent this additional overhead.






Source games does not count. That engine is weak compared to more modern games. Until Valve starts to compete with the rest of the Gaming industry. I won't take these results seriously.



RAGE wants a word with you, one of the best looking games out, and has potential to have the best graphics of any engine, because of the near limitless texture quality, with a good 2 gig graphics card, Id tech five engine can destroy ALL CURRENT ENGINES. and rage runs at 60fps on consoles and looks better than most AAA titles with new engines, and on bar with cryengine 3 and Frostbite, most likely Unreal engine 4



Nice to see Microsoft came to their senses. To exclude DX 11.1 from one of their most successful OS to date was just plain dumb.

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