Windows 7 is a Success, On Track to Overtake XP This Year



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Mighty BOB!

To answer the question, yes I jumped from XP to Win7 (in January) and I pretty much haven't looked back.  I only use a VM of XP Mode for a few things rarely, and even then it's mostly just for stuff I don't want to clutter up my registry in Win7.  I skipped Vista entirely.  That OS is a disaster and my roommate's computer is the proof.



yes, you are quite correct.  However, consumers as opposed to businesses, also adopt viruses and malware at astounding rates.  The MAIN  ONLY reason for a the high consumer adoption numbers is that MS made backroom deals with online and brick and mortar retailers to install Win 7 on every machine they sell.  Businesses which DO have to be concerned with compatability will not only be slow to adopt Win 7 because of compatability, but because there is NO NEED for Win 7 !!

It's a catch-22 folks...hardware devs make products that NEED Win 7 (aka trim support, for example) and MS makes products that NEED new hardware.  I HAVE legal full blown copies of Vista 32/64 and Win 7 32/64.  I CHOOSE to run XP Pro.  Why you ask, simple, you take care of your comp and it takes care of you.

To theposter who remarked my boottime went from 5 mins to 40 seconds, when I switched from XP to Win 7...obviously had let his machine become...filthy, infected, w/e.  Wtih a WD 300Gb Velociraptor I can boot to a completely-finished initializing all startup programs and XP processes in less than 25 seconds.  After a thorough cleaning, like beforeI make a Ghost backup, I can get that boot time down to 17 seconds my personal record.

Best of all I get these boot times runing boot heavy apps...namely....Riva Tuner, Lavalys Everest, Symantec Corporate AV and the free Zonealarm.  Granted...these same apps, WOULD prolly boot on my machine with Win 7 installed ...just as fast....but there's the rub.  'Just as fast'.  Worst of all for the Win 7 crowd, I'm not even running an Intel processor....just an AMD 955 B.E. over clocked to 3.7Ghz.

All these statistics you are reading about Win 7 are skewed by, MS, computer retailers etc...and unfortunately, because of lack of compuiter maintenace knowledge, most comsumers will say...oooo I love Win 7.

The main reason I stick with XP Pro is does exactly what I want/need it to do, it does it fast, it does it flawlessly. Even MORE important is the fact that all the settings in Windows XP Pro are easy to find, easy to implement etc.  During my beta testing of Win 7, the very first thing I noticed was....It subsumed the drive letter C: even though I told it specifically to install on my 2nd HDD.  The 2nd thing I noticed was it UN-labled all my partution drive letters and replaced them with a question mark.  The third thing I noticed was it took me 15-20 mins to even find my various HDD's other partitions.  Lastly, it take up to as many as 4 or 5 more mouse clicks to do anything.  Scattered throughout Win 7 the property sheets all have ambiguos and not similar lables, even though they perform similar tasks.  ALL my right click property sheets in XP Pro idea eh?

Everyone on this planet needs to read the now old book: How to Lie with Statistics.  They also need to realize that hooking your TV, your Xbox, your PS3 etc., into one huge network is a really dumb thing to do.....really dumb.  Yes please let me put all my eggs in one basket...duh!

Yesterday I was testing a new program, and borked my Hal.dll file and we all (should) know what that means!  Needless to say I just restored from a Ghost backup and was back to work in 2 mins 35 seconds.

I'm not an XP fanboi, I don't HATE Win 7....I just don't need Win 7.  I do however, not LIKE Win 7....when I want to alter a computer setting its either right click property sheet or Control Panel.  I don't HAVE to install the "Godmode" folder...duh???

If truth be told, most consumers don't build their own PC's so are forced to accept w/e OS, MS has rammed down the retailers throats, so naturally, they will defend their choices.  I don't Llike or need sidebars, really screwed up task bars, idiotic libraries (which while a good idea are implemented so poorly it even took the MaxPC gurus FOUR pages to explain how to "set them up").  I just spend .732 seconds right clicking a balnk area and create new folder and put...let's say all my music in that folder.  Just TRY to use a full 4 pages to explain how to do that :/

MS like Google, like your ISP's are all in this computer internet game to make money.  After the initial sale of a new OS....the only truly sure fired way to continue to generate revenue is data mining and then selling it.  Every new Windows OS is far easier to extract data from than Windows XP, think of that, next time you're ordering online or secretly cyber cheating on your significan other.

I've been playing Diablo II since the D1 beta...that game world is rife with account hackers, character name stealing bots, etc.  In 10 years, NOONE has hacked my comp or my game files...not once.  I'm sure this is mostly do to the fact that, I have nothing they want, lol.  One of the newer articles c here at this site concerns the vulnerabilities of ALL Windows OSes....yes ALL.  Now being just a slightly well educated consumer, it makes ME wonder, why I need a new OS?  If MS can't come out with an OS that is more secure after 10 YEARS, ya gotta wonder what the point is in upgrading to the latest OS.  Yes I know MS blamed it on the app devs, and so far at least, aren't even going to attempt to patch this.  I fell pretty sure that in the end it will AGAIN turn out to be a truly deep Win (ALL) vulnerability, I mean ALL the app devs can't be wrong.

I'm NOT trying to convince ANYONE to buy and/or use ANY particular OS, but at the same time, I'm NOT going to fall for every marketing trick that's out in the wild.  The MAIN reason I post these anti upgrade topics is simply so that everyone has at least somewhat CORRECT information, when they buy a new comp or are deciding on a new OS. Sure I COULD buy re-install Win 7 and spend months, even years, tweaking it to what we already had in Windows XP Pro....I'd rather just spend time using my computer.'s the lowly system that runs XP a helluva lot faster, claener, safer and easier than it runs Win 7:

Windows XP Pro w/SP3
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 125W OC'd to 3.8Ghz
ASUS M4N82 Deluxe nVidia 980a SLI Motherboard
Realtek ALC888/1200 nVidia MCP72 HD Audio
EVGA 01G-P3-1280-AR GeForce GTX 280 1GB 512-bit
Corsair CM2X2048-8500C5D Dual Channel [5-5-5-15-22-2T-2.1v]
SATA WD 300GB Velociraptor
WD 1TB Caviar Black
Seagate 7200.10 250GB
LG GH22LS30 CD/DVD Burner
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad EPS12V
ViewSonic G90FB Black 19" CRT Monitor
Generic Altec Lansing (2)
Logitech Optical M-BT96a
Coolermaster ATCS 840 Full Tower Case
3x230mm, 1x120mm, Optional: 3x Scythe S-Flex SFF21G 120mm
ZALMAN CNPS 10X Extreme CPU Cooler

Look MA, no water, no slow boot, no idiotic GUI and no infections ^^

P.S. Yes I'm the last cretin still using a CRT monitor....why you ask, because they are better.  Don't even go Energy usage on me either....the same people that buy "green" everything, leave their SUV's running when they dash into 7-11 for coffee.

P.P.S. In the 5-6 YEARS I've had this monitor, guess how many dead pixels I've  Better yet I CAN use Windex to clean mine  ^^

NOTE: MY best over clock is 3.815 Ghz and is 24 hours prime 365 day Prime stable, although I would never try to test that lol.  Oh and I CAN run Crysis  :D

WARNING: Microsoft Seciurity Essentials....well....SUXXXORZ.






Someone is soooo very proud of themselves, huh?  This guy's comp rundown is longer than most people's posts.  Look dude, if your so computer saavy & knowledgable, go drop your resume to MS and fix all the problems you pointed out.  Oh, wait you can't cause your just some "self-taught" windbag....oh figured as much.



Been using Win7 since RC1.

Of course, I never understood the Vista whining since it always worked fine for me. XP seems like the dark ages at this point. I haven't touched it in 2+ years.



What is Windows XP? Yes it seems that long.



I was a Windows XP Pro user but not anymore now I am a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit user. I opted for 64bit considering the future and I am glad it peforms very well indeed.



I skipped Vista all together, just got my new machine up and running as of monday and it screams. Installing Windows 7 was even easier than XP and being installed onto a SSD made the whole install take only about 10 minutes from DVD in drive to desktop!!!!!! There was/is still a slight learning curve for the jump from XP to 7, but learning new stuff is half the fun of a new system build.



But I am thinking of getting Windows 7 soon however. Friends that recently got it are happy with it, as long as your system s 4+ gig. It's really pricey yet IMO. $50 ro even $70 I would have owned it by now



There's a huge difference between what general consumers are using vs. businesses.

Adoption of Windows 7 in the consumer market has been huge. For an average consumer, they upgrade one computer (or one household) and they're done. The work involved is resonable and the desire for the new OS is enough for them to take the time and effort.

Business has to worry about compatibility of what can be a massive number of computers and systems. Many have software that they developed in-house and needs to be tested (and quite likely updated) to run in the new OS enviroment. Windows 7 is very solid, and it looks like businesses are willing to move to it, but they will lag behind while they work out compatibility.

The numbwers make total sense.

D'oh! - This is directed towards 'Lhot'.



I had Windows Xp sp3 but never wanted to upgrade to vista. Due to the fact of the widespread dissatisfaction with vista. Later on Win7 arrive and made my day. I try the RC released and immediately after purchased win7 home premium retail version with 32-64 bit disc. I did a clean install and everything worked great and continues to work great. My only downfall was my lexmark X125 all-in-one printer doesn't work, due to the fact that their is no compatible driver for win7 only xp. Anyways am going to purchased a new all-in-one printer and that's the end of it.



It was great while it lasted, but it looks like the ad spammers got through captcha. Seriously, has anyone in the history of time actually followed one of those links and bought something? I just want to track down those places and burn them to the god damned ground.



....and even more testing on retail version....XP > Win 7.....2-3 weeks ago MaxPC reported 74% of businesses still ruining either Win7 is gaining faster than people could even install it...or  there two different stories here  :)



On a 4 year old Intel dual-core, 4GB RAM and a GeForce 9600GT video board I swapped out the XP boot drive and installed a new Western Digital Black 1TB drive. I did a clean installation of Windows 7 Ultimate then loaded all my drivers and applications back onto the machine.

It use to take about 5 minutes to boot up completely. Now it takes about 40 seconds. Shutdown is extremely fast as well. It's like a new computer!

With the exception of a VPN client,(no surprise there), all my applications, new and old, work great on it. All my peripherals work perfectly as well. Frankly, I couldn't be happier. Microsoft really did nail it on Windows 7! (FYI, I hated Vista just like everyone else)



The exact same thing on my computer when I loaded it (minus vpn). Initially it took quite a while to shutdown until I realized my eternal plugged into the machine slowed it down quite a bit.

It's no surprise as to why Windows 7 is starting to catchup and surpass Windows XP it's the true successor To Windows XP, imo.



I got W7 when it was first released to the public beta and have been using it since.  It is a grerat OS and much better than the excelent XP.



I'm stuck on XP/Ubuntu until I get a new PC or iMac.

I tested W7 beta though, and its fantastic.

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