Windows 7 Spills the Beans on Office 14's 64-bit Support



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Er, yeah! I am so tired of running Office 12 in 32 bit mode in x64 because of the plugin nightmares.  What I'm talking about is Endnote.  Endnote (all versions btw) do NOT run properly in x64 in Office 12.  Having a true 64 bit Office with true 64 bit plugins, and not to mention comfortably creating large, detailed Powerpoints without memory issues would be terrific. 



64 bit CPUs have been out for a while now as have 64-bit OSs, why are they even offering the new office in 32?  If Vista required a fairly new computer to run and 64 was out then how many 32 bit CPUs are going to be running Win7?  32 just needs to go away.  

I'm holding out for OpenOffice 64, maybe if IBM acquires sun....  and ditto on the Firefox 64, even IE has a 64 version



For apps like office that are heavy memory users I really look forward to an x64 platform.  Lets just hope when the memory business picks up again from all these 32gig memory workstations that price doesn't go up too much



 I'm really glad to see more 64bit apps appearing. I was able to find a 64bit version of TrendMicro Internet Security 2009 which made me happy. I wonder how long it'll be until Mozilla releases a 64bit version of FireFox. That'd be pretty nice.

 I also think that as the big players start to release more native 64bit apps, other devs. will follow suit.


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