Windows 7 SP1 RTM Leaks – Official Release Expected Very Soon



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Spend some time surfing for the latest drivers for these devices. You might not actually need the drivers, since Windows 7 comes with the best driver support of any previous version of the operating system, but you won't really know until you install Windows 7. XP or Vista drivers will probably work if you can't find drivers that specifically say they are compatible with Windows 7.

Given the positive reception to 7, many businesses are preparing the make the Great Migration -- yet they greet this process with no small nervousness. However, the migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 is easy with The Window Support technicians, as they  are experts in migration to window 7 on your PC and check for the compatibility prior to installation which This turned out to take a good deal of time.




Found out about it through Windows 7 Forums on Saturday ( They listed a legitimate link. Downloaded 900 mbs. file with uTorrent. Installed in about 10 minutes on my fully updated Windows 7 Professional x64 pc. Secunia PSI 2.0 only listed 4 added updates by the Service Pack. Note for people using Media Center for Live TV watching/Recording. After you install SP1 uninstall PlayReady then click on Live TV in WMC, as there's a obvious PlayReady update for SP1 that will refuse to install until you uninstall the old PlayReady. Other than that issue my pc is running terrific.


Lord Omega

And so far everything is running great. I have yet to see any issues.



Probably why MS Update had a new important update, that allows you to recieve all future updates. Must have something to do with the release of SP1, think they did this with Vista before SP1 came out.


I Jedi


Did someone say, "Goodies"???? I love goodies! Oh, wait, you're being sarcastic, aren't you? :( Anyway, it is great to know that Microsoft is pushing out the update to SP1.

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