Windows 7 "Slate 500" Appears on HP's Website



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Were there links for the Blackbird or Firebird or Omen, or even anything Voodoo related? What happened to all the Vodoo stuff? Did they discover the graveyard section of the HP website? HP and vaporware are getting synonomous. I'm tiring of it.



 I can't wait for some more system specs, and to see Win7 "tablet edition" in full swing


-- Sent from my Desktop running Windows 7 64bit



This is very good news for those who see tablets as a great new way to compute, but aren't willing to pay a high price for a marginal functioning iPad.

I was very disappointed when HP canceled the original Slate project, the assumed Palm tablet sounded OK, but I would still prefer Win 7.

Can't wait to learn more about the new "500", and count down to the release date.

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