Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Shipping February 22



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I realize a lot of Linux users (wrongfully) bash other people for using Windows (and vice versa), but there are many that don't partake in the mud slinging, I being one of them. The fact is-surprise-there is no "best operating system". I use both Windows and Linux, but prefer Ubuntu (Linux) for my mainstream stuff. Windows has its uses, and Windows 7 is, I think, the best by far, from MS. Both Windows and Linux has issues on the flipside. Windows struggles with security OOTB/ when not properly configured, while Linux struggles with compatibility, for instance. I will, however, be the first to admit that Firefox (or most any other browser, for that matter), is better than Internet Explorer. Period. End of discussion. That's when I am biased. ;P, and for very good reasons. That's when there's no argument.



I have work to do, there are a few games I like to play, iI do not want to be limited in what I do. I do not hate Microsoft so why go to Linux? I did mess with it once (Red Hat) and found that unless I wanted it to become my hobby there was no reason to use it. Those that love it, use it with my best wishes.

What I do not understand is why do the Linux fanbois, who repeisent perhaps 1% of computer users, continue to post these innane posts.They are worse than the old mac vs pc ads.

I have been using Win 7 since the week after the beta came out. It has been virtually flawless. I have used most OS'es since Appledos in 1981 and by far this is the best of the bunch. Great job MS, you are forgiven (by me) for DOS 4 and for Win Me.



Nothing worth abandoning Ubuntu for, it seems.

Same ol' crap all rolled up into one convenient package. Yawn.



Why is it that every linux user has the need to trash Windows? Why is it the "oh ho ho ho I'm using linux, im so super cool, im such a nerd, oh ho ho ho ho I'm so awesome with computers." people that are always the ones that start the Windows Vs. Linux fights. 




Oh look, ANOTHER version of ubuntu came out.. great. I wonder if they'll ever decide to support custom resolutions? no?

Nothing worth abandoning Window's 7 for (no comma) it seems. 

Same ol' crap rolled into an iso. Yawn.



See what I did, not only did I trash linux, but i used fact rather than opinion to slam it. Every linux buff say's either "I like linux better because it's linux." or "Its more powerful than Windows, I can't tell you how it is, but trust me, I know, cause the website said so."

Wahoopdeedo if you like linux more, GREAT FOR YOU, but me, I'll stick with Windows because I have other things I'd like to do rather than set up ubuntu or KDE for 7 hours for a week. I don't have that kind of time, and Window's does EVERYTHING I need it to, and faster, more intuitive, and better than linux can FOR MY USES. 

I consider myself a power user, but not a fanboy. I don't care what OS I use. Honestly I really dont, but it really burns me when some pompus dood flaunts how cool he is cause he uses linux, or how terrible Window's is. Great, if it's that terrible for you then don't use it.

I've had NO problems with Window's 7 so far. I've had ONE yes ONE BSoD and that was my fault in the first place. Sure, in the time that I used linux I had no crashes yada yada yada, but god forbid I wan't to install a wireless card on anything, god forbid I want to install some neato software I found... "oh.. no linux version... darn" And what's all this talk of a helpful community, I went on the ubuntu forums because I simply wanted to know what each of the file extensions where, and what their uses where. No, no-one could help, except call me a noob for not knowing, and telling me to rtfm.. when there is none that comes with the software that I could find. 




Good on ya mate! I like using Linux on my older and slower laptop because I find it runs smoother than Windows XP, ever did (and I can't go down to Win98 as the hardware is too new) but everything, and i mean everything, else runs Windows 7 (except for my roomate's computer, hes waiting until he gets his system upgrade).



I got it already. No discernible difference, except using dism to make it permanent freed up a lot of space on my SSD.



I can't wait to get it and install it.  It is fun to be o....^H^H^H^H^H^H^H

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFF80002AC32C2, 0xFFFFFFFFFF880009A9230)



I agree with having cumulative updates as a single file (that you can save somewhere else). Nothing's worse than having to re-download ALL the updates after a reinstall (which I find doing at least twice a year). As far as service packs, I burn them to a DVD, and if I catch someone without a serice pack, I let them borrow it to get themselves up-to-date.

I dual-boot both Windows 7 and Ubuntu, and though I use Windows 7 strictly for Photoshop or guiding others for help, my experience has been more decent than Vista, and even XP at that. Microsoft has done a decent job with Windows 7...will Windows 8 be the next ME or Vista? We'll see (there's a pattern going on here: ME/2000 bad, XP good, Vista bad, Windows 7 good...).

BTW, that's Vista on that screen with a Windows 7 wallpaper ;P.




Windows 2000 was an excellent OS. If you tried using it on your home PC, than that is your fault, not MS, as it was marketed as an enterprise (read business) OS. The only thing that was wrong with Vista was drivers provided by Creative and Nvidia, which caused over 40% of Vista's problems. Creative took a beta driver for their sound cards and re-released it as the final verison, evne though teh fiel versions were the same as the beta. Once I ripped out my creative osund card and nvidia graphics card and replaced them with Razer and ATI, Vista stabilized, no more crashes. Yes, it had hardware requirements, but so what. So does every release of Mac OS, yet no one bashes Apple for teh same thing, when MS did it once. Get over it already.



There were a lot of driver issues when Vista first came out.  Microsoft introduced a new driver model that required a lot of hardare houses to re-write their drivers from scratch (for maximum stabiity) but left in a loophole to allow exisiting WinXP drivers to be modified and work at some sort of reduced level of performance/stability/features.  It was meant to help hardware houses get up to speed on the new drivers without crushing them, but a lot took advantage of the process and released total crap drivers.

As for Win2000, I had no problems using it at home and running games on it.


Keith E. Whisman

No it's Windows 7, look at the task bar closely and you'll see the Windows 7 Task Manager. Even the Windows 7 start menu button. 



When this comes out can you please make an article on how to slipstream this onto an original Windows 7 Disk. Thanks.



You beat me to it.  Slipstreaming is now the next obstacle of importance to cover.




Windows 7 Pro that I am running on my main home PC since October 2009 has been running flawlessly the whole time with ZERO issues, and something those outside the Microsoft world wouldn't believe, NO malware or virus attacks!!! 7 has been a dream to use and I absolutely love it. So much so, that when I got my laptop recently, I got it with Windows 7 Pro as well. Could not be happier with it, and I must say, if this is the direction Microsoft is going with their OS's, it is going to be very nice being part of it! Windows 8 is gonna rock!!!!

As for the SP1 rollout, I certainly won't need it since I keep my system up-to-date, but I will download it for use on client PC's or friends who aren't as thorough as I am!

Great job, Microsoft! Keep up the good work!




In Windows, the startup type of any application can be set to three modes, automatic, disabled and manual. A disabled service completely stops its operation and that of the associated programs. Automatic services are the one load at Windows boot. A manual service loads only when a program or process needs it. You can enable/disable Windows services from the Services section, by typing “services.msc” in Windows Run (Win key+R) window.

Application Experience:  The Application Experience service aids old Windows software to work on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, even if the software compatibility mode option is not enabled.

Application Identity: This service helps the AppLocker in Windows 7 to identify the list of applications that should be in the blocked list. You can disable this service if AppLocker is not being used. 

Others: Windows Error report, Remote Desktop service, Tablet PC Input service, System Event Notification service, Certificate Propagation, Windows Time and Windows Task Scheduler, Parental controls, Windows Media Player Network Sharing service, Windows search, Windows Media Center scheduler and receiver service, Fax, Windows Biometric service, Smart Card and Media Center Extender service.

for more details:-



All of the updates in a single executable will be nice. Usefull for home users like me that rebuild their systems often.



If you reinstall windows very often, then single executable would be waste of time, because you'd better off just slipstream it to a dvd and install it already integrated. It would require less room on the hard drive after install as well.

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