Windows 7 Sales Surpass Vista's by 234%



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Mighty BOB!

Oh, revenue was only 82% higher? *rolls eyes*



I agree with fry, in that while my intent was to buy 1 upgrade of Home Premium,  that when I saw the Family Pack so reasonably priced, (I didn't even know that option was out there), I bought it. Thank goodness, as the initial install went so good, and I'm so pleased with 7, that I did install it on the other Vista, and XP PC.



MS has been fairly agressive with pre-order discounts and "family packs" pricing. The goal being to make it easy for Vista users and sceptical XP holdouts to switch immediately and maintain the 90%+ Windows installed base - which is much more important than short-term profits.



Come on, that's like saying Bolt beat the champion of the special olympics in the 100 meter dash by 3 minutes.  Impressive yeah, but look at the competition.

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