Windows 7 Sales Still Strong, Hits 175m Licenses



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... windows explorer is still buggy, and the video player jams up a lot of time. I think its about reading tags. I notice when I turn off tags on files it loads much faster.



Michael Ellis

Right off the bat, Windows 7 was a breath of fresh air. I have upgraded pcs from Vista and XP and I must tell you that the performance improvement was vast (obviously this was helped by the inherint benefit of reinstalling an operating system). The layout is unprecedented and beautiful as well as easy to use and intuitive. They have basically taken Vista, souped it up, and made it work. The most impressive part of windows 7 bar none is its hardware integration. Its driver download process is extremely effective (if not a little slow). The operating system adapts beautifully to your hardware configuration.

I do have a few gripes however. On three out of the 6 machines I run 7 on, I have experienced a service error that prevents you from logging into an account. This was not fixable with a recovery disc and, in the case of one of the computers without a second account to log in to, required a full reinstallation of the operating system. Oddly, the computer that came preinstalled with 7 faced this problem but worked fine after a reboot. For the computer that did have a second user account, it was necessary to login to the second account and delete the affected one then recreate it. Though it is not a perfect solution, I would reccomend creating an alternate account that you don't use just in case this happens to you.



Win 7 is a vast improvement over it's predecessors, not perfect by any stretch, but certainly a smoother ride for sure.  I'd sure like to see the invalid root file and CAPI2 errors addressed but beyond that, life is definitely better than the old days; especially when Vista was puking all over itself prior to SP2.



I think 16% of all computers in 9 months is a sign of success.



All 4 of my machines are all running windows 7, mind you 2 of the laptops came with XP. One laptop came with Win7 and my desktop I built I have Win 7 Ultimate running on it. I can't stand to use XP anymore. Feels almost like the way Windows 98 felt after I first got XP.



I feel the same way! XP feels so dated that I haven't launch it on my machine in months. I should probably just nuke the dual boot and be done with



i hear that. i haven't bothered with xp since the rc, just at work cause they are still going through tests (laggards). while at a real estate meeting, the agent was lookin up some info on her laptop and blurted out, "man, i love this snap feature!" lol, little more evidence that the everyday person is enjoying win 7.

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