Windows 7 RC Officially Available for MSDN and TechNet Subscribers



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installed on my Core 2 Duo, 8GB DDR2-800, 250GB/1TB system.  Plays nice with nVidia hardware, fast, responsive and love the new UI.

I 'upgraded' from XP Professional to Vista Ultiamte (32-bit) then went to Vista Business x64.  Vista did NOT like my nVidia Geforce card - so much that it kept crashing.  Re-installed several times, installed the driver and is now stable.  However, networking in Vista blows.  I'm guessing that Vista doesn't like my nForce 570 SLI motherboard, either.


Windows 7 plays nice, no crashes nor hangs.  Google Chrome is working fine and so is IE8.  Haven't tried Firefox 3 on it.  Visual Studio 2008 plays beautifully and haven't encountered issues with it.  SQL Server Management Studio works too.


Overall, I think Windows 7 should have been what Vista was.  Vista was such a failure that I don't understand how Microsoft could have launched such a piece-o-crap OS.  7 is so stable and mature (in beta, mind you) that I'm contemplating using it as my primary OS even though it's still beta. 



 Yep..., it's good and Fast!

Been running build 7k x64 (legitimate) on a couple machines here and, aside from a little burp with updates which required a reinstall (23 minutes on a Q9450 w/4 GB DDR2) and AVG not being ready for it, all is good. Quick download of Avast fixed the antivirus issue and, while IE8 is great, Win 7 plays nice with Firefox too.

In response to some of these posts.  Yes, you can finally switch away from XP and, unless you're running some ancient Win 9x box that can barely handle XP, do yourself a huge favor; don't even contemplate x32 versions.  This is the 21st Century and there's plenty of x64 software and drivers out there (yes, the technology is maturing and stable).  Even your "2 Gig Lappy" will thank you.  And, yes, Vista x64 drivers work beautifully with Win 7.  And, yes, the nVidia x64 driver pack works flawlessly. And, no, there is no upgrade path from XP.

Please note that all the builds out right now are the "Ultimate" version - so we're all running the "top shelf" version.  As such, there is built in XP emulation that will require a download if you're not running Ultimate when this OS hits the streets.  Further, the "downloadable fix" for emulation will only be available to Enterprise and "Pro" editions.  The Basic editions won't be able to emulate anything other than Vista, as it were. And, yes, so far as has been published the "downloadable emulation pack" will include a legitimate copy (OEM) of Win XP SP3.  Can anyone say "virtual machine"? There isn't currently XP "built-in" to the betas it's just that everything I seem to run in XP runs well in Win 7. And, btw, x32 apps are handled completely separately in Win 7 x64.  Really, the only app I can't get to run natively in Win 7 x64 is an old copy of Wolfenstein 3D (x16) from 1995. Yeah, I know, I'll get over it! Can always use that copy of VMWare to launch XP to launch a DOS prompt...,

Finally, a word or two in regard to backward compatibility with aging hardware.  I decided I needed to print a quick screenshot to my networked HP Photosmart printer.  So, without thinking, I went to add a "network printer" fully expecting to be required to "feed" Windows the HP drivers (like,ready to go off to and download them), Win 7 found the printer, asked me if I wanted to add it, and then, in less than 30 seconds, added the drivers and I printed a test page. Too cool.  The MSDN blog states that there are in excess of 10,000 hardware drivers installed in Win 7 beta and more to be added prior to retail release in November. So, unless you're using some bizzaaro old HP LJ Series 1 laser printer (which, Win 7 probably has the driver for already) you should be fine plugging just about anything into it.  By the time it hits the streets for real the driver base should be deeper still.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the best part of Windows 7? When you click on the orb and look to the right it says "Shut Down" (comes this way out of the box!).

The bottom line is this..., MS finally adressed what we, the market, wants. The MS Developer Blog and Forums have been a whirlwind of activity throughout the beta program with suggestions from users pouring in at a steady rate.  The miracle? The Win 7 Engineering Team is actually integrating our suggestions!

This OS is stable, intuitive and fast! And, yes, Vista is a dog in comparison (see quote below).

Congratulations to MS.  Windows 7 is actually the first OS from Microsoft since Windows 95 that I'm willing to pay cash for!

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes."
Mahatma Ghandi


Have not used MSDN in soem time. I did not realize you had to pay for the technet stuff :< So I have to wait for the publice release now.. I been runing the orignaly public release without any issues.



just wanted to say:  I have been using build 7057 since it popped and I love it.  The only thing that will make me want to change right now is the release of the RC.  I dunno if it is posted anywhere here (I assume it is) but for those that are having driver issues, vista-64 drivers work for w7-64.  In fact, though some vendors have windows 7 drivers (nvidia) I am using all vista 64 drivers and have had no issues at all.  It's good to see the drivers actually work for once!



I also use build 7057.  I love nvidia support for windows 7 already.  I like how they also have their own mobile drivers too.



I've been testing W7 on my "TV" PC since build 7000 and love it. The only problem I'm experiencing is network via wifi. W7 doesn't remember login information for other computers on lan after reboot, especially if network wasn't established before the logon. Otherwords using network drives with wifi is out of question.
I kind of doubt it will be fixed in this RC1 version either.



Personnally I can't wait for the public to get it.  Does anyone know a good torrent that doesn't have a trojan or atleast an MD5 checksum I could use.



Just got the e-mail today,


i will be putting the rc on all my rigs next weekend since the beta i have been testing has been sooooo good!

i have been running it for 2 weeks without a single restart and its only eaten up 40% of my 2gb ram!



just sitting here thinking about stuff 


had an odd thought :  WHERE ARE ALL THE VISTA DIE HARDS  all the fanboy's that have told the rest of us  that xp is old tech  vista is the future   the best os ever  lol


what i am seeing in the forums is a bunch of vista fanboy's wanting a new os  gotta have w7


guess we were right



finally is this the one to replace xp with?   i'm looking to get x58 w/920 kinda soon just waiting on a mobo to get it right


what about gaming


how bout that 8 year old  laser printer that i love so much



if the botto0m doens't fall out  and every forum is saying holy crap w7 sucks i'll give it a go

guess this is ms saying vist really does suck   rip



Well, in re. using old hardware like the printer, I guess the big elephant in the closet is the WinXP VM.  If it doesn't work with Vista/Win7 because of no drivers, you could potentially install the drivers in the WinXP VM and print from there. 



Vista doesn't suck.  I have a new lappy with Vista Business 32 and no problems... none.  Going on 6 months plus.  I know that isn't a lot of time,


This has been hashed over to death, but many of the 'problems' were from folks trying to use way old stuff with the new OS... and you will find people who don't like any OS... 

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When Vista first came out, it was horrible.  I am a Vista fan, but I will admit that Microsoft messed up.  By the time you got your lapptop, SP1 was out.  That fixed a lot of problems.  Now Vista is great.



When I first installed Vista Ultimate x64 it was great except it would crash every week on the clock, precisely; I could see the pattern clearly in the error logs. Back in January/February [I forgot the specific date] an 80(ish)MB update came out for the OS and Office 2007 and the once every week freeze changed to once every month; I had one yesterday (April 30). Aside from that ,like you said Vista's been great. I honestly found it faster than Windows XP Home. I figure that once Windows 7 comes out I'll build a new rig on that platform to mitigate any hardware faults and install Suse Linux on this computer.



 My BIG complaint with Vista was and is with Auto indexing that can not be turned off completely and auto defrag on by default. That stuff kicks in and could be causeing some problems.

Linux Mint,AMD Athlon+ x2 5600,3 Gig ram,500 Gig HDD,ATI 1300 Video.



I used these steps from a different website to turn off indexing...

-Select Start and type "index options", without quotations
-After the Indexing Options are loaded, click the Modify button.
-Then click Show all Locations
-A list of locations will be displayed in the form of a tree.
Uncheck those folders which you do not want to be indexed. You can also
use the Advanced button to specify file types to be indexed, but this
part is optional.
-Click OK button to finalize.



I can try it out on my new rig I'll have finished by then



Just downloaded the RC last night.  I've got all the parts for my new system stacked behind me.  Weekend project will be to get it all up and running Win7 :)

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