Windows 7 On Track, Vista Acceptance Up, Redmond Says



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I bought a Dell laptop with Vista on it. I haven't had any problems with it at all. I think all the bad press about Vista is because of the lack of support for drivers when Vista first came out. I do plan on trying out Windows 7 when it comes out though.


Mighty BOB!

Windows 7 better have support for discreet audio hardware. *shakes fist* Microsoft were idiots to remove that support in Vista.


bcweir just asking for trouble with their computer.  Viruses are just the tip of the iceberg, and your machines have Titanic written all over them.

But hey, let's take viruses OFF the table.  There's also spyware -- you covered against that?  Spyware installs on your machine just by visiting a website, and just because you're running Vista doesn't make you immune.  How about exploits and hacks?  Ever hear of 'zombie PC's?  a Zombie PC is a PC that has been completely taken over by a remote user for the purpose of sending out spam, spyware, or just generally stealing personal information.


Or are you one of those morons who doesn't buckle up their seatbelt because you find them too 'confining' and want to be 'thrown free' of the car in a crash?





In other news:

--if you step on a crack, you will break your mother's back.

 --if you swallow watermellon seeds, watermellon vines will grow out of your ears

--the sky is falling.


Don't believe everything you're told, alarmist.



hummmm I thought the econ was bad, guess I was wrong for all the people able to upgrade to vista and get new computers or hardwares. :p

Though half of that was ment for a joke but, I just don't see the reason why upgrade to vista is needed when everything works perfectly.



I never want to see XP again after switching over to Vista!

I'm also sick of all the people bashing Vista cuz they think it's the in thing to do. 




My quick answer: I prefer XP over Vista


My XPlanation (yes, bad joke): I work with computers 24/7. I build, maintain, and service computers at my place of employment. I work at a non-profit after school institute where we have multiple computer labs that kids use all the time. Performing maintanance on a Vista machine is a serious drag. Not impossible, mind you, just a drag. You have no idea how much crap kids manage to put on a computer nor just how much a kid can screw up a computer in a very short amount of time. Virus', mailware, spyware, you name it, Vista gets it and I've got firewalls and virus scanners "protecting" the computer. Kids click on everything and they don't care about what will happen because it's a computer lab, they don't have to fix it when things go bad. In XP, it may get the same virus, but it's far easier to get rid of. It may be because I know XP like the back of my hand and Vista is shiny, new, and packed with lens flair. I might just be a dodgy old man and not want to learn but for chrimney's sake, Vista doesn't make it easy to do hardly anything. Less key strokes yes, but less results.

Also you have no idea how annoying it is to install anything on Vista. "SECURITY RISK: Are you sure you want to allow program install.exe (MS Word 2007) from Microsoft Corp. to run?" That is what gets me, Microsoft set's off a security risk on itself. Oh ya, I can turn it off, but just like in the Mac commertial, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Don't get me started about the look of Vista either...The sound effects=GAY, the colors, meh, the user interface, decent, ease of use, NEGITIVE, NEIN! NO! NOT HAPPENING! Sure we've had to deal with crappy looking windows for years and their stupid sound effects but the sound effects Vista strikes a nerve right in the back of my head where they planted that microchip that Big Brother uses to keep tabs on you (poor humor, I know).

For my personal use, I'm never using Vista. If anything, I'd rather use OS X or learn Linux than bother with Vista. I've got multiple computers at home and my oldest XP machine has only ever had 3 virus' over the 7 year's I've had it and that was my own fault. My newer computers have never had a virus. And no, it's not because I haven't found them, they aren't there. Why? Because I have a lick of sense when it comes to browsing and downloading.

I'm waiting for Windows 7 and I can only hope they design it to not only work well with the batch of computers that are out when it launches (and hopefully work well with older PC's as well, not that I'm going to upgrade an old pc when this eventually happens). Honestly, more code doesn't mean better code. Microsoft needs to simplify the OS consideribly. Stop giving us useless features and just make something that works and works well. And for goodness sake make the user interface completely customizable! Why do I say that? Because they obviously can't make a design that looks good and fits a testosterone filled, grizzly bearded, macho man randy savage's taste in hardware design. If they want to make Windows a truly unique experience, make it so then it's completely customizable and so simple that a fool can go in and make his or her desktop look like anything they want it to be. Star Wars theme? the Death Star Plans are now on your computer! (watch out for Vader) Oh you prefer Star Trek? There you go! Starfleet insignia icons all around! (Be sure to use the mouse Scotty). When you start up you want to be greeted by the Fonze shouting his trademark "Eeeeehh!"? Easy enough! Upload your own sound FX! It's little things like that that will impress people. Complete customization as well as regular templates issued from Microsoft for those too lazy to do it themselves. And by a programming footprint, we want you to find the smallest ballerina's foot and use that as your footprint template, not a big harry crusty sasquach foot...


that's enough of a rant for today




Oh please.


Hating on vista is rapidly becoming an old
trend as many more people realize that it's either improved or they
were just being ignorant and stubborn before (most likely a little of


I have had no problems with vista and enjoy it
much much much more than XP. After using Vista for over a year it is
painful to use a normal instalation of XP (read: a non power user's xp
install). There's no search and the interface is slower than in Vista.
People complained how vista's UI changed for the worst and you had to
re-learn it. First of all, relearning it only took a few minutes of
your time and second of all after using it for so long if you try to
use XP you'll see that in vista you get to what you want faster/in
fewer clicks.


Gaming isn't bad either. Sure, you may get
less fps but I don't get BAD fps. It's a tradeoff. I'll lose a few
frames but I'll still get a good framerate and by no means do I have a
super computer (4400+, 2gb ram, 8600gt).


I've recommended
Vista to friends and family and while they resisted at first they ALL
now hapily use it and PREFER it over XP. Some of them complained at
first but I told them to keep using it and yes, after a while they
easily got used to it and like I said now prefer it over XP.



who refuse to switch to Vista at home are being silly (and I think it's
time Maximum PC cut down on the vista trash talking. Newflash: it's
old, it's the new os, it's better than xp,you use it per your
screenshots so stop going with the (old and outdated) flow.)



I'm avoiding Vista like the plague. If I can get used to running Linux [and have it do everything I need], by the time Win7 comes out ---there may be no more Windows in my future, either.

Here's the thing to me, about the "Majave test(s)," I'm pretty sure they weren't having people try it using the "runs Microsoft Vista" labeled products that previously have had all those drive problems for early adopters.

The release of Vista pushing immediate planned obselescence on old hardware is something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I can understand/deal... being sold something as "works with Vista," that doesn't really work with Vista?? That just pisses me off.

My brother's [less than 12 months old] Vista laptop locks up fairly frequently. Tech supports answer? --just manually power it off. The OS/hard hard drive problems from manually powering down mean he regularly has to perform a System Restore.

So, if we rename everything "Mojave," instead of "Vista," does this get better?

It's maybe more a hardware problem there, than Vista ---but if they have a marketing problem now, It's because they basically set up a pyramid scheme, as far as marketing.

"It was an accident," & "It's not Our fault," are not helping them... they should be offering cash refunds AND issuing recommendations on which computers need to be changed to another OS.



In a bit more than a year, I would wait for windows 7. That seems more logical to me.



Windows xp is a dead horse - sure it works, but so does my '97 corolla; and just like my corolla, it doesn't have any of the safety features that EVERY other new car on the block comes with standard.  Before you decide to NOT try Vista, i urge you to first try to install xp on an internet connected computer and then update all the drivers and download your initial software (im clients, email apps, browser updates, windows updates, etc...) BEFORE you put a virus scanner on.

The biggest problem that XP has yet to solve and will NEVER solve is security - it's a virus ridden spyware magnet.  sure it works, but you spend half your time keeping it working. i've been using vista at home since release and at my office for 5 months and THANKFULLY i've spent less time worrying about viruses and spyware than i have in the last 6 years of XP.




Your challenge (to install XP and all of your drivers and software without installing a virus scanner) is not at all difficult.  I run XP on my laptop (my main internet surfing machine) and have no anti-virus scanning software on it at all.  Once every couple of months out of curiosity I'll do an online virus scan and guess what?  No viruses!  How can this miracle of computing be possible?  

 Through the use of simple common sense.   I use XP's built-in firewall.  I think before I click.  I don't restrict where I go on the internet at all, but I do give it a second thought before I click on what might be a suspicious .exe.

 The best defense against viruses and spyware is always common sense.  And XP's greatest security vulnerabilty is almost always found between the keyboard and chair.



I dare you to run Vista without antivirus... See where that gets you while you're downloading ALL of the updates, service packs, IM clients, etc. Good luck. All Windows OS's are "virus ridden spyware magnets" because of their popularity. And unfortunately you can't put on anti-stupid-user software. (Although MS tried that with UAC).



All 4 of my rigs have no anti-virus and the UAC off.

If your not stupid and open attachements from un-known sources you always gonna be fine.


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