Windows 7: More Secure, Less Annoying



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Daryl Dilly

OK, sooo, proof.

1. Microsoft will not make its Windows 7 source code freely available, or the source code for any of their software for that matter, not because they're trying to hide anything, but because if the source code is freely available then anyone can get it, alter it, compile it into a usable program, and bypass purchasing the software. That spells massive loss of revenue for Microsoft, and that, once again, is bad business.

2. Definition of safe and secure: safe and secure for EVERYONE. If it's not safe for the individual end user, then it's not safe for the Government, either. I can assure you our government has alot more data and alot more important data to keep secure than any one individual in this country or likely the world.

3. Your implication that Windows 7 will somehow secretly connect to the internet without your knowledge is just ridiculous, but let me ask you this: How do you know, if it's doing it secretly, that Windows Vista or even Windows XP isn't already guilty of secretly connecting to the internet and reporting all your online activities to Microsoft or some secret government entity that tracks your everyday existence? The answer is that large companies aren't out to control your life, only get your money, legally. If they were out to control your life, I'm sure they would already be doing it, but if you live in the US you're still free.

4. My statements about Microsoft aren't outlandish, they're just common sense, as opposed to paranoia and conspiracy theory.

Now with that all said, why don't you show us some proof that Microsoft is in fact part of a conspiracy to control ANY part of our lives other than convincing you to buy their products. Show me that Windows 7 is NOT safe or secure. Conspiracy theorists tried to convince everyone that Vista was just as unsafe as you seem to think Win7 is but once the final version released, everyone could plainly see that all the hype was blown out of proportion and the fears about certain components of Vista were exaggerated. Nothing in Vista was as evil as it sounded on paper, and Win7 will be the same way. Vista's only problem was early compatibility issues, like EVERY new OS.





1. Sooooo Wrong!

Michael AuYeung's 8in1 XP CD contain's a copy of Windows XP that does not require activation through Microsoft!

This means we can already get a usable program and bypass purchasing the software, which means your point #1 is sooooo wrong! 

 2. Your talking Jibberish and I don't speak Jibberish!

The U.S. Govenment wants to track ALL computers on the Internet! Not just MINE! 

 3. We ALL should know from experience that XP SP2 did not need ANY core component to connect to the Internet for the O.S. to work fine on the Internet, yet as soon as we installed SP3, the Internet became unusable untill we allowed certain core O.S. components access to the Internet through our firewall.

SP3 Now allows certain programs to connect to the Internet even when our firewall is set to BLOCK ALL Internet access yet when we go back to SP2, the access is Stopped by the firewall

Just try to explain that one Tuff Guy

 4. Your statements are outlandish and unjustified!


Daryl Dilly

1. First of all, the word for this point you made is PIRACY. I looked up Michael AuYeung's 8in1 XP CD, and it's not sanctioned by Microsoft, yet it's Microsoft software. That's called piracy. Yes it's possible, but it's Microsoft's prerogative to try and prevent it because, AGAIN, that takes away from their legitimate product sales, and it would just be pure stupidity on their part to not try and stop it. And by the way, PIRACY IS ILLEGAL!!

2. I'll shed a little light on this point for you. Our government does NOT want to track all computers on the internet. All their interested in is tracking the computers of enemies of our nation. I know this because it's what I do for the Government. Yeah that's right, I work for "the Man". All I can tell you about that is that unless you're a threat to this country, NOBODY IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CARES WHAT YOU DO ON THE INTERNET.

3. You seem to have missed my point on this one. You're talking about the obvious connection of certain components of WinXP to the internet with SP3 that aren't there with SP2. What I'm saying is you can't know for sure if those connections are there or not in SP2. Any programmer can tell you that it's possible to bypass a firewall with a properly written virus or such. That being the case, WinXP could easily have something similar that you just don't see, but was revealed with the addition of SP3, whether on purpose or by accident. Do I think that's the case, no. But is it possible, absolutely. And of course, if it was true Microsoft wouldn't try to cover it back up once it was revealed because it would be too obvious. They would just leave it be and let everyone think it was just a new aspect of the OS. It doesn't do you any good to hide your straight flush after everyone has seen your cards and folded. But as for explaining the XPSP3 behavior, I didn't write the program so I can't tell you for certain why it was done that way, but I could give you a number of possible explanations. What I can tell you is that our government uses WindowsXP and it has proven to be SECURE.

4. Not outlandish or unjustified, COMMON SENSE!



1. First of all, the word for this point you made is PIRACY!

 Do a Google Search for the Following Phrase >

"Microsoft Fined $388 Million"

What you will find is that Microsoft was just recently fined for STEALING the patents to the technology that is used to activate Windows!

Since you and I are not allowed to enter into a Licensing agreement that is used to STEAL another party's Patents or Copyrights, Microsofts Licencing Agreement is NULL AND VOID!

You should learn more about the LAW before you accuse Microsoft of obeying it!

Now, since the Licencing agreement is NULL AND VOID, you may now use the word PIRACY in the correct context!

2. Since you work for the Government, I'd like to report a massive case of WORLDWIDE Piracy and Large scale Violations to the Digital Millenium Copyright Protection Act!

The offender is MICROSOFT and I have PROOF that is available to this or any other Government!

You may reach me by getting my Contact Info from Maximum PC

I eagerly await your Manly Contact

3. Wrong again, as our investigation is based on facts, unlike yours for example

4. Get a Clue! 


Daryl Dilly

1. Apparently it's you that needs to do further research. The fine
imposed upon Microsoft was NOT for the product activation as a whole.
It was for the validation of said software (Windows XP) that
Microsoft was fined. Your license agreement for Windows is still valid
because Microsoft still owns the rights to the OS itself. Where
Microsoft went wrong, depending on wht happens with the appeal of
course, is that the product activation also validates your copy
of Windows. Also on that note, you and I ARE allowed to enter into a legally binding license agreement with a company such as Microsoft even
if it allows said company to steal a third party's patented technology.
The reason is because you or I would not be the one committing the
theft and therefore would still be held to whatever agreement that was
entered into. That is why Microsoft was ordered to pay Uniloc $388
million, but was not ordered to pay back the purchase price of Windows
XP or any other involved software to the consumers who paid for it.
That makes Microsoft's copy of WinXP the ONLY legal copy of the OS. Now perhaps you can use the word piracy in the correct context.

2. I've read some of your other posts, and if that's your proof of
Microsoft's massive WORLDWIDE piracy and violation of the DMCPA, then
I'm sadly disappointed. You once again talk about the whole product
activation business. As I said before, no court in this country will
tell you that your license agreement is null and void, because
Microsoft does infact own the intellectual property that is the OS
itself, regardless of any dispute over prduct activation. Michael
AuYeung's WinXP CD is, therefore, still the illegal copy of Windows,
just not an illegal version of product activation. Product Activation
is just one component of the software, not the software in its
entirety. On that note, any attorney that has told you that your EULA
is null and void should probably be disbarred. But that's just my
opinion. As for me working for the Government, taking reports of piracy
isn't exactly my department, but I'll be sure to forward your concern
to the proper people. And about contacting you, it seems to me that
we're pretty well in contact now, Brill, so I have no need to send you
a personal e-mail. However, if you still feel compelled to "show me
your proof of Microsoft's piracy conspiracy" you're welcome to get my contact info from MaximumPC and send me this proof.

3. I can see that you're fighting hard not to start name-calling "Tuff
Guy" while you await my "Manly Contact" Mr. Brill, so I'll leave you to
do further research and maybe talk to some professionals instead of
just your fellow conspiracy theorists.

4. I have more than a clue, Brill. I eagerly await your response.



Thank you Mr Ballmer

I always enjoy your propaganda speaches

Your wrong of course and wrong on purpose, but very entertaining none the less



Daryl Dilly

The level of paranoia I sometimes see from people astounds me. The same kinds of concerns were voiced prior to Windows Vista's release, people fearing that the new features in Vista would somehow give Microsoft unchecked control over our daily lives. The only thing any of it gives Microsoft control over is our wallet when they stop supporting older versions of Windows and we're left with little choice but to upgrade. That's just good business and that's what this country is founded on. Microsoft is not part of some conspiracy to overtake the government or our lives, they're just a big corporation with alot of money that wants more money just like everyone else. Vista didn't take over our lives, and neither will Windows 7. I for one am looking forward to its release.



I have never heard of anyone accusing Microsoft of taking over the Government.

You sounded a bit paranoid untill I realized that your post was just propaganda

Please refrain from telling me or anyone else that Microsoft products are safe and secure for end users untill you can provide some proof

For proof, you will need to provide the following for review>

1. Source code to any Microsoft product you claim is safe or secure.

2. You must define whether the software in question is safe and secure for the end user or if it's only safe and secure for Microsoft and/or a Gov't entity

 3. You must be able to show conclusively that Windows 7 can fuction correctly without "ANY" of it's components from connecting to the Internet without our knowledge of have ready for end users a simple method for blocking "ALL" outgoing Data from the O.S. as well as 3rd party applications

4. You must refrain from making outlandish statements about Microsoft security unless you can provide enough proof to convince all those Millions of "Paranoid" end users out there 



Who decides what is "unlicensed" or "unauthorized" software? Microsoft? Sounds like a lovely program for malware prevention, but it also sounds like lots of fringe programs (read: open source) will have to get some sort of Microsoft approval to run. I guess, if you can't monopolize all the software on my computer, you can at least force approval of it.

Look! A distraction!


Keith E. Whisman

Microsoft has attempted exclusive software licensing in the past and failed miseralbly. It wont last. There will be a class action lawsuit or something like that. They tried it with Antivirus, Web browsers, many other things. Microsoft does learn from it's past misstakes. I'm positive everything is going to be great for Windows 7 and we are all going to be happy. We will all be singing He Ha the Vistas Dead, The Vistas Dead The Vistas Dead, He Ha The Vistas Dead and how. Sang to the tune of The Wicked Witch is Dead from The Wizard of OZ.



Does Direct Access allow a Rogue Government to directly access All Data on our computers, including BitLocker Data?

Does AppLocker prevent copy protected programs from accessing the network without proper registration, thereby rendering all illegal software Null and Void?

Does BitLocker include Full Source Code or should we trust Microsoft with our Lives?

Does Windows 7 prevent all Microsoft O.S. components to access the Internet without our knowledge, or did Microsoft rewrite the core components to prevent 3rd party firewalls from blocking outgoing data?

I mean, Cmon...
Even Paranoid Schizophrenics have Real Enemies!

Homeland Security has redirected your queries to the Dept of STFU!


Hg Dragon

If you read a bit more carefully, you'll see that it's set through Group Policy. This is clearly something built for corporate/domain use.

Let me tell you, if this will make it easier for me to keep our users from installing every Explorer toolbar or fake anti-malware app, or iTunes, or anything else we don't want on the machines, I'm all for it.



You make a great point!

Lets not look to see what the man behind the curtain is doing, lets just make things easy for ourselves 

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