Windows 7 Market Share in US Passes XP



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I was just watching Dean Hachamovitch's keynote at MIX11 and he showed a screenshot of this page :) Rhyan's famous now :)

You can watch the video here (it's at around 16:30)



One more thing! I doubt these figures are correct and this is according to pingdom. This is from last October.,11412.html


It is more like 50% XP, 25% W7, 13% Vista, 7% Mac, 4% Linux and 1% other.




I have Win7 on my netbook, tablet, HTPC and laptop. Laptop came with it and the only reason the others have it is $100 family pack (3 user). Otherwise I never would have gotten it. I still have XP X64 on my gaming PC and will let it remain that way untill I swtich from Velociraptor raid to SSD raid. Or the end of life is reached for XP.

I don't know how long they plan on supporting XP but I know alot of people that are still running it, including businesses.



Windows 7 is just VistaSE

I have a new laptop witth Win7 but I just have to deal with it. I prefer to use my XP desktop for most applications. W7 and Vista are resource hogs and treat the user as idiots. I don't like like how it is set up especially the control panei and menus. I hope Windows 8 will be lighter and restore functionality to the OS.

I guess if you just surf the internet and do e-mail it is good. I think Win7 is growing just because people are replacing old pcs because they have to. No matter what you say Windows 7 has Vista under the hood. If microsoft continues down this path looks like Linux Mint will be my new OS when XP is no longer supported.



Have the best of both worlds and have 4 OS's on one PC :)



WIndows 7 is the first OS that I have used from the getgo with the exception of DOS 6.2. I dual booted the RC version with WIndows XP on my desktop for several months prior to the final release then transitioned completely over shortly after. I have never been an early adopter of hardware or software (I held off going from '98 to XP for five years). I just replaced my aging laptop (5 years old) with a new WIndows 7 laptop so my conversion is complete. But I have never regretted making the move to WIndows 7. It just works.

As far as it being a patched version of Vista I can't say. But most people that I know who use Vista have battled one issue after another. I have not had a single problem with WIndows 7. It even works well with my old analog TV-tuner card that is several years old.

Does anyone want to buy a couple of copies of XP?



Windows 7 is a vista patch

Vista = Windows NT 6.0

Windows 7 = Windows NT 6.1



For gamers; check out the Steam Survey, it's probably closer to home, and Windows 7 is far out in front with 50% of the Windows pie. XP and Vista hold around 24+% each.

@Lhot, the article clearly labels the stats as being in the US. Globally, I wouldn't be surprised if some more 'backward' countries are still using XP. Not that XP is a bad OS, but it is getting a little dusty now and PCs today are easily fast enough to handle the extra weight of Windows 7.



Whats amazing to me is that Win XP's market share cud drop from 51.6% approx. 1.5 months this.  I think everyone should get and read the book:  How to Lie with Statistics.


I'm quite sure MaxPC is just reporting what Pingdom has reported.(pingdom...who?)  But you can rest assured those are NOT accurate statistics  :/


In fact according to another site:


Windows XP has a GLOBAL market share of 54%....and this is dated March 2011.



Why do I get the impression that the "Other" category is made up primarily of Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 95 systems?

Seriously, at a manufacturing job I was a Quality Control Supervisor, most of the PC's running in the Quality Dept ran Win 95.  This was in 2006. :P 






Jesus Christ!

Shut the fu** up about it sheese, pick what you like and live with it and shove it up your ass for all we care - "MYYYYYY OS is better than your OS" - "MYyyyYY OS has gimmicks and blah blah" Friggin BLAHH

who cares?! - it is what it is, FORWARD moving sheesh...



Everyone else is discussing what they use or what is better. It seems you are the only one with the problem.

If you don't want to read discussion, turn off your computer and look at your wall.



Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? or just had a terrible day and decided to share your misery with the rest of us?



Windows 7 is just like Vista rehashed. Full of gimmicks and fancy tricks. Aero Snap? There's a far better version in XP called Tile Horizontally or Tile Vertically that isn't limited to arranging just two windows but any number you select. There are many good useful features of XP removed and broken in Windows 7. The file manager, Windows Explorer was utterly destroyed in Vista and becomes worse in Windows 7. Poor usability. See and . Unnecessary GUI changes. Vista was innonative but horrible usability wise and removed things. Windows 7 is Vista with few new features and again many features removed and fancy gimmicks and shiny graphics added. People's mentality gotta change. Old does not mean it stops working or degrades over time. Microsoft succeeds once again with forced obsolescene.



Looks interesting on the Explorer changes. But, a lot of those options have been moved around in Windows Vista and 7.

I prefer Windows 7 myself. It has a lot more to offer than XP in my eyes.


I use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 200 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Mac OS X Leopard, Unbuntu 10.1 and (Gasp) DOS on a daily schedule. Why do I use Windows 7? I like the new Taskbar, The Sidebar is nice and the main reason is the 64-bit version of windows 7 is a lot better than the 64 bit version of Windows XP :)



I have been using Windows 7 since its release.  In fact all PC's in my house are Windows 7.  I have installed VMWare on my main PC and it is running a copy of XP, but that is only for the 1 or 2 programs that I use that just dont like Windows 7.



I have Windows 7 Pro. on all three of my home computers. My main workstation and 2 laptops.

All of my works PC's have Windows 7, as well as many of our clients have moved to it. Everyone I know of that uses it loves it, and would never go back to XP!

Windows 7 is superior to XP in every way possible, and if anyone is running with XP, hopefully you can upgrade soon!




i was checking at WWW3 schools site and they had linux and mac as pretty close but here its almost 15 to 1...ouch...



My boss has Win7 on his work computer.  All other work PCs are XP. 

My home PCs are Win 7 on my Gaming PC, XP on my Media PC (upgrading to 7 soon), and XP on my laptop, which will be replaced when it dies, so no need to upgrade it.



Nearly 20% still using Vista?  That's pretty bizarre.  I can understand XP - it's rock solid, been around forever and people are used to it.  But Vista was a dog from day one and you'd think folks would want to move on.



ummm, I hate to expose my lack of geek cred, but what desktop operating systems comprise "other"? Seems strange that Linux is far less. Are we talking DOS, Be, OS/2? BTW, does Vista even come installed on machines anymore?



I imagine there's still a number of businesses rocking Windows 2000 (no activation hassles)



Other is partly Win 98 SE and Me. Yes there are actually some of those OSes still in use.



yes it consists of os/2 solara, custom OS's, etc for mostly private market.


as for windows 7: if you build it, they will come. and come they did.



I was gonna sk the same thing. I'm thinking maybe the stat tracking group couldn't figure out a few OSes, or they could be Mobile OSes... Maybe ChromeOS and Android would fall under that category, even though they are linux-based.



So I guess 31.56% of the users like reinstalling their OS every couple of years.

I consider myself a Windows guy but XP still? Really? Windows 7 is far superior.

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