Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 Updates



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I really don't like change for the sake of change.  I used to be able to work in the old office with my eyes closed.  When I changed over to Office 2007 it took me forever to find anything.  If the new applications add functionality fine, but why is it necessary to completely redesign something that everyone is used to just to make it look different?  The new features could have been added while keeping the same basic interface design and everyone would have been much happier. 



Does it look nice? yes.  Does it look like it will make paint more of a pain? yes.  Who still uses paint, anyhow?  I bought Microsoft picture-it for $15 4 years ago, and I use it religously.  It's such an easy to learn, professional editing program.  Microsoft should ditch paint and through that in for free.  I can't remember using paint since the advent of xp.  I agree, you need a slender, easy to navigate menu bar on top.  None of that sleek, void-spaced crap.  A floating toolbar wouold be nice, so you can dock it to the side if you need, or move it where it's convinient for you.  They need to take a look at google chrome- less is more.  Less bloat= more workspace.



But once you use it there is a steep learning curve and at first it does seem like it would be better on the side, but then you realize that they would keep the menu tabs on top and have menus they open on the side would result a lot more mouse movement and if they put the menu tabs on the side then they would really be flipping peoples worlds upside down.  On a monitor 720x1280 and above the reduction in viewing space is hardly noticeable because the orginal menu bar on word or other office components isn't devoid of it's own shortcut icons, they are just more organized with the ribbon.  But on paint or wordpad where there are fewer options it changes the layout a great deal.

If it makes you feel any better if you haven't used it. The ribbon UI has won many awards for its design and ease of use.  Hardest thing about it is having to use help the first few times you try use word because you don't know where anything is.



Your monitor is taller than it is wide?



I'd say it's a given that he meant those in the opposite order.

That or he switched to vertical-centric coordinate system without bothering to tell us just confuse us.

Either way, I'm pretty sure his monitor isn't taller than it is wide. :P



I love the ribbon in Office 2007. Integrating that concept througout vista, not just in paint, would be a huge step forward, althought I'd argue they need to do this in a way that better uses the 16x9 monitor layouts now common (ie maybe put it on the side).



I like it, Gordon Mah Ung, not so much...



Give us new fearures, new tools NOT some designe change and call it new.

and what about all these icons, I used office 97, xp, 2003 but never 2007 despite it's many feature because i couldn't find anything i needed, at least give us option to turn back to classic view (menus and actual names).

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