Windows 7 Launch Did Not Grow PC Sales as Hoped



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I don't ever remember hearing MS saying that it was going to boost computers sales.  In fact I think they said that it may be the oposite because Windows 7 will run even on a 5 year old computer pretty well and it actually does.  I also think that who ever stated that was looking for a pipe dream to pick up on every thing and pull them all out of the crap they are in.  When in reality they should have looked at what Windows 7 was capable of running on and made their projections from there.  Not only that but like others have said who is going to buy a new computer in late October when Black Friday is coming up or even the Holiday season where there are tons of deals on new computers.  



Unemployment 10.2% Guess what unemployment checks buy groceries not computers or new operating systems. Even Microsoft just announced another 800 layoffs.



A lot of people are custom building PC's now. Also it is not like the lower priced PC's are going to hurt their pocket any. If it was really hurting them, they would get out of the business. They just won't be able to take the big hunk of change they wanted for the crap they put into their PC's.



Only the people with very old hardware will feel compelled to upgrade. Windows 7 just runs very smoothly on low end laptops and PCs.



Sometimes I wonder if the people that make market predictions really have any actual common sense, or if they just have their nose buried so deep in the numbers that they can't see 2 feet in front of them. Allow me to point out a small little tidbit. Anyone who is smart enough to wait until windows 7 launches to buy a new computer should also be smart enough to wait 1 more month before buying it. And why would they do that? How about a little thing called black friday. Anyone with an ounce of common sense wouldn't buy any electronic product between now and thanksgiving unless they absolutely needed it now or the price was extremely good. Lets wait until December 25th and then decide what effect windows 7 had on computer sales. Maybe it won't have any, but saying it didn't right now is like picking the Superbowl champion at the start of the season.



Vendors are upset because of "modest gains"?  They should be happy for any gains at all.  The way the economy is doing, they ought to be happy that they are not experiencing a sales drop!



PC vendors need to relax a bit. Win7 has been out for what, 16 days now? Did they really expect sales to increase that much in 2 weeks?  I think with the holidays coming soon, new PC's will begin to move off of shelves. I know I'm buying my son a laptop with Win7 on it for Christmas.  Maybe the sales won't quite be what the vendors are hoping for, but most of us are still in belt tightening mode.  I would be surprised if new PC sales are not up in Q1/Q2 of 2010.



Yeah, my grandmother is still running Windows 98, and I convinced her to hold off on a new comp until 7 was out (I tried the beta, so I knew early).  So, I do think that as people hear how awesome 7 is, they'll upgrade.

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