Windows 7 Infection Rates 5 Times Lower Than XP



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I've used XP for many years until now as i've finally upgraded to win7. However i think that these stats might be true but me personally i thought XP was a great OS and really all you needed was a solid AV like kaspersky (which is what i was using and still use on 7). And you wouldn't have had any problems ever.

laptops under 400



I still use XP, it sucks compared to Windows 7. I can't wait till I save up enough dough to get an awesome new computer.



I still use my XP computer. But i keep it offline and only have it online to update the software.

Other wise i keep it offline.



I run Win XP Pro 32 bit....last time I has any type of infection was....well....NEVER...and anyone who takes MS's word on just being silly  :/



You also (appear anyway) to be an intellegent user. You are able to ensure that your PC is kept clean. This is a major factor in whether or not your PC gets infected!




As long as PC's or Mac's or linux boxes remain dumb machines that have rely on even dummer users to make the right choice then there will never be an end to Viri and the like


99.9% of all infections are caused by stupid users



Damn straight!



I'd like to see someone compare these numbers to similar numbers for linux desktops and servers.



I'd like to know where they're getting their data.. considering XP has been around for almost a decade it's obvious it would have higher infection rates.  Hell, I work in a computer shop and sicne January 1st this year, we had 86 computers in for virus removal and only three of those were windows 7.  I don't think that's a significant figure though, because most of my clientele are older folks with old computers.


I'd rather see this figure being released by an actual AV company.


Bullwinkle J Moose


infection rates for Windows 7 are five times lower than a fully patched machine running Windows XP SP3



Microsoft infects XP with their patches and service packs!

Try an "Illegal" copy of XP-SP2 without ANY patches using nothing more than AVG Antivirus, spybot & spywareblaster

You won't get any viruses in the first place!

Its criminal for Microsoft to make such claims to scare the ignorant public into buying their new spyware platform (Windows 7)

Microsoft has been caught lying about protecting our security so many times, they make dropbox look good

"we don't share personally identifiable bla bla bla"

go to and read the internal Microsoft documents about how they sell your personally identifiable data to Govt organizations

The only way they can sell personally identifiable data in the first place is because you bought a retail copy of Windows that became personally identifiable when you activated it

End Loser Licensing Agreements made though fraud are null and void!




Can't you go troll somewhere else? No one wants to hear your conspiracy theory bullshit!



Let me get this straight. Microsoft puts out a Microsoft report compiled by Microsoft empolyees (every single author listed works for Microsoft) that highlight the statement that a currently for sale Microsoft product is more safe compared to a no longer for sale but still widely used Microsoft product.


Does anyone see a problem with this at all?



This is a report put out by Microsoft so take it for what its worth (an ad). I have been using XP since 2003 and have had very few problems. The problems were experienced early on too before SP2. I just am very careful with security (NIS). I have used Vista and Windows 7 but they are resource hogs compared to XP or Linux. I also prefer the way things are set up in XP vs Vista/W7.

Bottom line people are just more pc savey now. Most virus/malware are caused by poor choices made by the user.




Neat virus story: My nephew won some little Chinese iPod knock-off out of a claw machine last week, went to put some music on it, full of Trojans. Fun stuff. Luckily my AV detected it, stopped it, and crushed it.



I noticed that when Vista was released. People with Vista and Win7 machines are far less likely to have messed up computers.



How are Apple's infection numbers doing in this same time frame? They've been getting worse, and their insecurities are horrible.



I don't care what anyone says, since I have installed windows 7 on all my pc's in my home I have had virtually zero problems with any virus's and malware. This is with teenagers who dabble in the risky business of torrent downloads and "free" music.



I think there are more than just teens taking risk, how many are there doing that? I've seen classmates back in high school taking their laptops to school and complain of the computer slowing down (because one got the idea it was the auto-updates and you can figure out the rest) and then say "Am getting a Mac", then those who are truly not tech savy like my mom and grandparents just simply don't update their AV; actually my grandparents don't have a AV on their systems!

Then second, what was the state of XP at this time of Win7? What was the infection rate in percentage compared to previous OS?



"then those who are truly not tech savy like my mom and grandparents just simply don't update their AV"

That's why when I build or setup a new machine, I try and set as much stuff to be automated as possible. Makes my job easier!

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