Windows 7 Download Cap Removed



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....Windows 8...obviously, Windows 7 is just Vista SP2.  When will MS learn that due to the millions of PC's in the world already, users aren't falling for this BS anymore.



Screw 7, I'm waiting for Mojave



I think windows 7 will go a long way. It seems people right now are really help ing MS more to make a product they like. I think people really want a new OS from XP, but do not want to make the jump to Vista. I am participating as much as I can. I took a back up of my old system and am using 7 Beta as my primary OS. I can say it's not nearly as annoying and there are a lot of little things you wouldn't expect that would make a difference like the auto maximize when you drag your window to the top of the screen or the task bar the way you can rearrange your buttons. We''l see how the Xbox 360 extender works shortly.

I am Recession Proof



I can't wait for the finalized version of Windows Seven. I had to revert back to Windows XP on my system due to the frustration of using Vista. Over the course of 4 months I had to wipe and reload my system 4 times with Vista and finally I put XP back on and vola! my problems are solved.

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