Windows 7 Build 7048: Getting Closer to RC Status



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I have this installed on my media center.

1. Downloaded all the drivers except the audio(xonoar)  and ati 650 hd card

    a. found my averaudio hd card

2. the menueing system freezes between selecting tv programs, and movies(everytime, requires hard boot)

3. figuring out how to share files took 30 mins to find.

4. uses 1.4 gigs of ram and averages 30 percent CPU usage on a  dual core while in MCE

5 MCE eggshell uses 150 MBs

6. did not find my 1.5 tera hard drive on format, had to manualy aactivate it through disk manager

7, chrome doesnt work very well, havnt tried firefox, going to uninstall ie when i get home


other than that i havnt played with it much



There are more "Some part of Windows stopped working blah blah blah" than I'd like (i.e. anything more than zero is not what I want) but upgrading from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Build 7048 x64 went fine...






almost every torrent site out there has it posted 32 and 64bit versions




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