Windows 7 “God Mode” Has All the Controls



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Some time ago I had a problem with running some exe file extensions on Windows 7. It had to do with some sort of compatibility issues. Windows 7 wouldn't run them, even if I've set the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" option to another version of Windows. I'll toy around with the options that you guys have presented in this article and i only hope it will work.



Greetings, I'm new here, and I tried making a desk top folder with the simple name GodMode.  However, when I opened the folder, it shows me what any other folder with any name I use shows.  Then, I tried to use the name Godmode along with the numbers in the folder name.  Nope still nothing new.  So, how do I set up this GodMode folder to show up?  I'm not doing something right.  I'm older and not so up to date with new tech.  Thanks friends.   



I've been using this tip with Win 7 64-bit for a couple of months now.    Works without any problems that I have seen.



This also works for Vista the same way.

If you have explorer crashes with 64-bit Windows go here



GodMode is sooo cool! I love Win7!



 Win7 is great and this hack surely doeswork! Hooyah!

 Have a great Navy/Marine Corps Day!






The picture thats on this article is true...... When you do it on XP then you open it XP will ask you what program to use which probably on the STINKIN INTERNET!!!!!!



I hope microsoft doesn't plug this. Somthing tells me they didn't want us to find it.



Yeah really.. maybe they  might release a Service Pack..........................



win 7 Ultimate...working. i guess more to come from win7......



 I combined a list of commands with the list of God mode shortcuts to come up with the ultimate list of commands for Win7 x86 and x64, 456 to be precise! I really would like someone toget the word out about this as I am finding this to be very useful!



 Note that, unlike the original Godemode ( GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} ), these commands only work in Windows Explorer (I use DirectoryOpus9). None of them are worth much in comparison to the original.




















Has anyone else read this startlingly similiar story over at cnet?  Of course Im pointing the blame finger at Cnet, not the fine folks at MAXPC.



This folder will now be a shortcut to the Windows 7 godmode.The godmode allows you to quickly access many Windows 7 functions via a GUI.

Print Godmode List

This is going to be a complete list of all Windows 7 functions that you can access via the godmode. I recommend to print it.

Action Center

Change Customer Experience Improvement Program settings
Change User Account Control setting
Check security status
Choose how to check for solutions
Choose how to report problems
Fix problems with your computer
Restore your computer to an earlier time
Review your computer’s status and resolve issues
View all problem reports
View messages about your computer
View recommended actions to keep Windows running smoothly
View reliability history
View solutions to problems
View the Microsoft error reporting privacy statement online

Administrative Tools

Create and format hard disk partitions
Defragment your hard drive
Diagnose your computer’s memory problems
Edit group policy
How to add new hardware
Schedule tasks
Set up data sources (ODBC)
Set up iSCSI initiator
View event logs
View local services


Change default settings for media or devices
Play CD’s or other media automatically
Start ot stop using autoplay for all media and devices

Backup and Restore

Back up your computer
Restore data, files, or computer from backup

BitLocker Drive Encryption

manage BitLocker
Protect your computer by encrypting data on your disk

Color Management

Change advanced color management settings for display, scanners, and printers

Credential Manager

Manage Windows credential

Date and Time

Add clocks for different time zones
Automatically adjust for daylight saving time
Change the time zone
Set the time and date

Default Program

Make a file type always open in a specific program
Set your default programs

Desktop Gadgets

Add gadgets to the desktop
Add the Clock gadget to the desktop
Get more gadgets online Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows
Uninstall a gadget
View list of running gadgets

Device Manager

Update device drivers

Devices and Printers

Add a device
Add a printer
Change default printer
Change device installation settings
Device Manager
Scan a document or picture
Set up USB game controllers
View devices and printers
View scanners and cameras


Adjust ClearType text
Adjust screen resolution
Calibrate display color
Change display settings
Change screen orientation
Connect to a projector
Connect to an external display
How to correct monitor flicker (refresh rate)
Make text and other items larger or smaller
Set up computer to use multiple monitors
View the name of the video card

Ease of Access Center

Accomodate learning abilities
Accomodate low vision
Change how your keyboard works
Change how your mouse works
Change the Narrator voice
Control the computer without the mouse or keyboard
Hear a tone when keys are pressed
Hear text read aloud with Narrator
Ignore repeated keystrokes using FilterKeys
Let Windows suggest Ease of Access settings
Magnify portions of the screen using Magnifier
Move the pointer with the keypad using MouseKeys
Optimize for blindness
Optimize visual display
Press key combinations one at a time
Replace sounds with visual cues
Turn High Contrast on or off
Turn Magnifier on or off
Turn off automatic window arrangement
Turn off background images
Turn off unnecessary animations
Turn on easy access keys
Turn On-Screen keyboard on or off
Use audio description for video
Use screen reader
View current accessibility settings

Folder Options

Change search options for files and folders
Change the file type associated with a file extension
Show hidden files and folders
Show or hide file extensions
Specify single- or double-click to open


Change Font Settings
Preview, delete, or show and hide fonts
View installed fonts

Getting Started

Find out what’s new in Windows 7
Go online to find out what’s new in Windows 7
Go online to get Windows Live Essentials
Transfer files from another computer


Choose homegroup and sharing options
Share printers

Indexing Options

Change how WIndows searches

Internet Options

Block or allows third-party cookies
Change security settings
Change temporary Internet file settings
Configure proxy server
Delete cookies or temporary files
Enable or disable session cookies


Change cursor blink rate
Check keyboard status

Location and Other Sensors

Enable location and other sensors
Enter a default location
View location activity


Change how the mouse pointer looks
Change how the mouse pointer looks when it’s moving
Change mouse click settings
Change mouse settings
Change mouse wheel settings
Change the mouse pointer display or speed
Customize the mouse buttons
Make it easier to see the mouse pointer

Network and Sharing Center

Add a wireless device to the network
Change People Near Me settings
Connect to a network
Identify and repaid network problems
Manage advanced sharing settings
Manage saved networks
Manage wireless networks
Media streaming options
Set up a connection or network
Set up a dial-up connection
Set up a virtual private network (VPS) connection
Set up an ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network
Sign in or out of People NEar Me
View network computers and devices
View network connections
View network status and tasks

Notification Area Icons

Customize icons on the taskbar
Remove icons from notification area (system tray) on the desktop
SHow or hide clock icon on the taskbar
Show or hide inactive icons on the taskbar
Show or hide the notification area on the taskbar
Show or hide volume (speaker) icon on the taskbar

Parental Controls

Set up parental controls for any user

Performance Information and Tools

Check the WIndows Experience Index
Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files
Learn how to use your storage device to speed up your computer
Use tools to improve performance


Change desktop background
Change screen saver
Change the theme
Change window colors and metrics
CHange windows glass colors
Enable or disable transparent glass on windows
Get more themes online
Lock the computer when I leave it alone for a period of time
Personalize your computer
Set screen saver password
Show or hide common icons on the desktop
Turn screen saver on or off

Phone and Mode

Set up dialing rules

Power Options

Change power-saving settings
Change what the power buttons do
Change when the computer sleeps
Choose a power plan
Choose when to turn off display
Edit power plan
Require a password when the computer wakes

Programs and Features

Add or remove programs
Change or remove a program
How to install a program
Run programs made for previous versions of Windows
Show which programs are installed on your computer
Turn Windows features on or off
Uninstall a program
View installed updates


Restore your computer or reinstall Windows

Region and Language

Change display language
Change keyboards or other input methods
Change location
Change the date, time , or number format
Change the languages used for partially translated menus and dialogs
Change the way currency is displayed
Change the way dates and lists are displayed
Change the way measurements are displayed
Change the way time is displayed
Install or uninstall display languages

RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

Set up a new connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections


Adjust system volume
Change sound card settings
Change system sounds
Manage audio devices

Speech Recognition

Change text to speech settings
Set up a microphone
Start speech recognition

Sync Center

Encrypt your offline files
Manage disk space used by your offline files
Manage offline files
Resolve sync conflicts
Sync with other computers, mobile devices or network folders
View sync results


Activate Windows
Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows
Allow remote access to your computer
Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer
Change workgroup name
Check processor speed
Configure advanced user profile properties
Create a restore point
Device Manager
Edit environment variables for your account
Edit the system environment variables
How to change the size of virtual memory
Join a domain
Rename this computer
Restore system files and settings from a restore point
See the name of this computer
Select users who can use remote desktop
Show how much RAM is on this computer
Show which operating system your computer is running
Show which workgroup this computer is on
View advanced system settings
View running processes with Task Manager

Taskbar and Start Menu

Auto-hide the taskbar
Customize the Start menu
Customize the taskbar
Find missing Start menu
Group similar windows on the taskbar
Lock or unlock the taskbar
Organize Start menu
Restore Start menu defaults
Turn toolbars on the taskbar on or off
What happened to the Quick Launch toolbar?


Find and fix audio playback problems
Find and fix audio recording problems
Find and fix networking and connections problems
Find and fix printing problems
Find and fix problems
Find and fix problems with devices
Find and fix problems with homegroup
FInd and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects
Find and fix problems with Windows Search
Perform recommended maintenance tasks automatically
Record steps to reproduce a problem
Troubleshooting History

User Accounts

Add or remove user accounts
Change your account picture
Change your Windows password
Create a password reset disk
Create administrator account
Create an account
Create or remove account password
Create standard user account
Link online IDs
Make changes to accounts
Manage file encryption certificates
Manage network passwords
Turn guest account on or off

Windows CardSpace

Manage Information Card that are used to log on to online services

Windows Defender

Scan for spyware and other potentially unwanted software

Windows Firewall

Allow a program through Windows Firewall
Check firewall status

Windows Update

Check for updates
Turn automatic updating on or off



Thanks man!!! Im tempted to take an hr to look at this!!


nsk chaos




Is there any way to remove this program from a 64bit Vista install that crashed the system?



ok... Because its a laptop, I figured out a way to delete the folder. If it happens to someone else this may help you. Might not though. The way I did it was to go thru my antivirus firewall to access Firefox. I then was able to goto and open my account. If you don't have one create one. It then ask to drop files and I located the desktop files. Once there I deleted the folder and then deleted recycle bin then just restarted the computer. It worked for me.



Did you not even bother to see the comment I made, on how to get this to work in Vista x64, of course you didn't, because if you did you wouldn't have explorer.exe crashing on you!!!




Here's how to do it for Vista x32:

Create a new folder on your Vista desktop.

Name the folder as :

Master Control.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

The icon will change !


And, here's how to do it on Vista x64:

If you still want access to it on Vista x64 you can create a shortcut and put the target as:

explorer.exe shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}





Confirmed on my Laptop with Win 7 Ultimate 32 - 283 items. 

- mike_art03a
System Specs - AMD Athlon 64 x2 5400+ 2.8ghz (OC 3.2ghz), 4gb DDR2-800 RAM, ASUS M3N78-VM Mainboard, 500gb Seagate, HD, Lite-On BD/HD-DVD ROM DVD+/-RW, nVidia GeForce 8500GT 256mb, VixSys HDTV tuner card, Creative SB Audigy



Can confirm that it does crash 64-bit Vista. Caused explorer.exe to continually crash so that computer was unusable. safe mode also continually crashed and attempting to delete the item from a command prompt was unsuccessful. So was system restore. Had to install my hdd as a secondary in another machine and delete the created file from there.

 I don't know but I may not have had as many problems if I hadn't created the file right on the desktop. This meant I was crashing immediately on startup.



this is a easier way to fix it just use the search . goto the start button and type in Godmode. or what ever you named it hit search then delete works tested on 3 pc just 2 see hope this will work for u and others :)



I also installed this on a X64 vista laptop. It crashed. bad. Any idea how to correct this problem? I did a restore with no luck. I am also running a CHKDSK.exe on it now. Not sure what other options I have. I moved and cannot find the backup discs. Screwed?



Probably unless you spend $$$ to get a OEM Vista Disc



Sure wish I hadn't left my flashdrive at work.

I wonder whether it would work from a flash drive?




Yes it will.
It even works on a floppy...I'd bet it would work from a CD too.



Well, obviously the key is not name of the folder as "GodMode", the key is to have a dot followed by the {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

from dos you can rename any folder to .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and have same effect

 One thing is different for me then in the video is that the folder name shows the whole string, not just "GodMode"

Anyhow, nice trick!



Now, if we could add this folder in start menu instead of default control panel menu...



works on RC version too!



Confirmed, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (267 items).


Mike Hawk

 Confirmed on Vista Basic

Not A Fanboy, Don't Flame, Don't Have A Soapbox, HATES APPLE!!!!



Thanks for the info! You guys and gals are kick ass! Great Website and Great Mag.



Here is a list of shortcuts to most of the utilities and commands for Win7. These files seem to be more useful as they are the parent for most of the commands listed in the God folder. Don't get me wrong, I found this to be a very creative hack and will check it out carefully. Meantime though, grab these other files to snag a powerful way to jump to where you want to go in Win7.

  PS I have no idea where I found these shortcuts. Feel free to publish or put on a website. I am sure Alex would rather not have Engadget link to his site though!


nsk chaos

darn! doesnt work in xp sp3 =P lol



But then it's not god mode



Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit has 279 options.



Great Tool


I870, Radeon 5850, Asus P7P55D






Windows 7 Rules!!!!!!!!





The Absence of Evidence is not the Evidence of Absence



You can name the folder whatever you want,

just add this string to the end of the name 



 Don't forget the .





Just did this to Vista Ultimate 32-Bit with success!  Sweet hack!!



 Vista Home Primium 32 bit laptop

247 items


Call me Ishmael

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
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Holy crap!

 This is Windows 7 magic! Something tells me this is only the begining.. 

Any more tricks up your sleeves MPC?



Just tried this out myself. Awesome. I thought you guys cooked up that graphic, but thats the real deal haha! I got 276 items on my Windows 7 Pro 64bit version. Wonder what the extra 2 are?



 Create_Life and _Rest maybe?

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



Those are only available in Windows7th (Day) Edition.  It's not as great as it might sound though...there's 27 different versions of the help file, all of which say the same thing just in ways that never agree, and the bios is stored on 2 stone tablets.



 I heard about that, the Recycle bin is replaced by "Flood world" which instantly wipes clean all unapproved programs throughout the computer. But aparently "approving" a program is a big headach and you need the Noah's Arc freeware to manange it easliy.

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



Yep, but before you can even use N-Arc, you have to first run the bio-mining app from 2by2 Systems...and wait for it to return ALL the results before you can proceed.  Fortunately though, N-Arc is a fortified "app of last resort" and is completely waterproof.

"Your firewall is no match for my floodwall"



 you don't neeed to but not doing it leaves the fate of your file system in the hands of God Mode

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.

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