Wind and Solar Prices Coming Down, Mass Adoption Close



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I like the idea of solar power. Particularly having reflective material on an old satellite dish to focus all the light to one point, make a cast iron receptical boil, hook up a generator to it, and make the meter run backwards a few hours per day. I like the idea of having people building things in their sheds as long as their sheds don't burn down. (big dish melting steel) (shed did burn down) (nice)




There are already companies who make this type of solar power generator. To generate electricity, they combine very finely polished mirrored dishes with an extremely efficient Stirling engine that turns a turbine. There are whole arrays of these out in the desert as we speak. Here's a link to one of the manufacturers:



I'm a clearn and green Energy fan. I've deployed couple of domestic Solar solutions, mostly below 3000 Watt.In the comping months I'm embarking on a medium scale project - to generate ~150 kW of power.Goal is to make Solar Energy to be used in my upcoming manafacturing company; to reduce conventional Power dependecny plus to totally eliminate the Diesel Engine based back up Generator (Air/Sound pollution).

I'm planning to go for the Roof Mounting installation on the top of the factory building(s). My questions:


a) Which large rated panels (200W to 300W+) today are best in terms of cost/watt for such a medium solution? Of course I'm going with Thin-Film based solution. Any inputs in this regard? Please mention a few brands.

b) Solar Power Back Up: In that proposed factory area, there's Power problem. Especially in the Monsoon time (Cyclones etc). So I need to plan for a back up period varying between 1-3 days. What is the best way to do it in terms of highest Power saving efficiency into the batteries?


Thank you :)





Reuters bias is pretty clear. Not to mention that, if we really went with solar and wind, we'd have to invade Mexico and Canada to have enough space to place the solar grids/wind farms and we'd have to destroy every natural habitat in North America to find the room. (My understanding, )Until oil and gas exceed $5/gal, wind and solar will not make economic sense...did you notice Obama's budget contains additional taxes on gas and oil? They'll get those fossil fuel prices up there by hook or by crook, just you wait.



I love how Reuters publishes information about price drops in the solar and wind power fields and immediately everyone starts thinking that a 20% to 50% price drop will suddenly make it "affordable to the masses". Really? Last time I checked, a single wind turbine, with pole, inverter and hookup (skystream 3.7) that would provide for on average, 50% of my power needs in a single family two story home runs around $22,000. That's right, TWENTY TWO FRICKING THOUSAND DOLLARS. 50% of that is $11,000 for those of you non-math types and that's a best case scenerio. $11,000 for something that is MAYBE going to cut my electricity bill in half? That means my payoff period is approximately 11.5 years BEFORE I start to see any return on investment. Affordable to the masses...yeah, right.

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