WiMax Will Falter In 2009



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I live six miles from the nearest town of any size so I am currently using wireless internet from Cellular One. Typically I'm seeing speeds of 800 kbps to 1 mbps which is a lot faster than what I am guaranteed (512 kbps).

And it beats the hell out of dial-up. Also, since the only other option is satellite which costs over twice what I am currenlty paying and has bandwidth limits I am happy with what I have. The advantages of living in a rural area with only squirrels, coyotes and white tail deer with which to contend far outweigh the disadvantages of slower speed internet service. It serves our purposes quite well.

 In a nutshell, I am not holding my breath for WiMax


Happy New year!!!



I live in Portland, Oregon and they have Clear WiMax (Clearwire and Sprint partnership). Its great. It is loads faster than the sprint cell sevice I used to have.

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