WiMax Gets Biggest Boost Yet with Atlanta Installation



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I see your point guys!



what is the monthly download limit? that would be a good deal, if there was no bandwidth limit or if it was at least reasonable.



I think you are missing the point a little.  Since it is wireless, and has pretty good range at that, this is going to most attractive for those folks that are in the areas no serviced by a wired broadband provider.  It will also appeal to people who want to be able to use the internet while mobile and not get ripped off by cellular carriers.  Lastly, it will provide some competition to the wired carriers in areas where there are no other option than dialup.

The price isn't bad, and I currently pay about $55 a month for my Comcast service.  Although I am thrilled to death with the service here, if I needed to shave a few bucks off my monthly bills, I could also do that.  



I want to understand this more clearly. So just to get a little better speed, cause we all know it's going to be spotty at best, we have to pony up 40 bucks a month for the service? I see that faster speeds are better but i know i wouldn't want my financial advisor sitting in a starbucks getting all distracted from the hotties playing with my money just because he can surf a little faster.



The main reason this is better is because it is not spotty. WiMax is a 4g network known for having far greater reception and range than 3g networks. Unlike 3g broadband it is easily usable while moving in a vehicle at high speeds. If they say Atlanta is covered it means you can great reception in 99% of the city. 4-6 mbps reception anywhere in a city is definetly worth $40 a month, especially when cell carrier plans tend to be more expensive.

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