WiMax 2 Nearly Finalized, Commercial Deployment Coming in 2012



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If it's more of this "5G for %$60 a month" crap like we see with the telco's, it will be an epic fail I think.



Well people are paying around $60 for evod-a  and it is probably around 3Mbps at it's best speeds (with burst).  I would think people would jump all over a 100Mbps for $60 a month.  That's better than my cable modem speeds of 30Mbps($45 a month), heck for $90 a month  you can get 50Mbps cable. 


Michael Ellis

For 100 Mbps speeds, $100 a month would be reasonable.



I agree with techlarry.  What's the point of having a 100mb/s connection if you go through your 6gb limit in 2 days?

A perfect example is my carrier still has a 4MB/month plan.  *4MB*!!!  And it costs $20/month to use it!  I asked why they still have such a stupid plan - the answer was that "10 years ago this was more than anyone needed".  A perfect example of not changing with the times.

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