Will Your Motherboard Be Compatible With Bulldozer? We Find Out



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Glad to hear this as i have the 890fx gd70 Mobo. If this is true i made the right choice!




Asus has released a BIOS update that gives it support for Bulldozer on the Crosshair IV Formula (I would guess the Extreme too)!!





I already bought a sandy bridge cpu, I just don't really believe AMD is ever going to be on par with Intel CPU's.



Its awesome that you have deep enough pockets for Intel gear.  For the rest of us there's AMD.  I can build an entire system with AMD's top proc for less than the cost of Intel's flagship CPU.  It will run any game I can throw at it with ease, and that is the point of AMD.  You will win the benchmark wars and you have my respects for that.  We both have fun, and all of us benefit from having more than one chip maker driving new developments.





Thanks for the video. I like seeing more stuff done via video on the MPC site.

Might I also take this opportunity to suggest you change your loud, obnoxious, work-unfriendly, blast of ugly sound that you use as the intro to all your videos? I cringe every time I click one of your videos at work and forget to mute my speakers.



Lets say they do support Bulldozer.  The problem is that only the 9-series chipsets will support Nvidia's SLI which is why I've been holding back with my original AM3 board and haven't upgraded it since its original release.  My board runs an old Nvidia based 700 series chipset and the 900 was only a slight refresh of the 700 which was pointless.  Therefore no other AMD CPU/Nvidia SLI GPU configuration was authorized past the 900 series.  I've been waiting for this for a while as I like AMDs chipsets better but prefer Nvidia GPUs.  Yay for Nvidia not being an ass for once.  In either case I'm still hold off.


PS:  MPC...   Opt-in not opt-out Facebook.  This gets old.  Plus no one likes it anyway?



I wish I had the guts to lean on an expensive board like that. Good to know it can be done without cracking it in two.



I wouldn't takes sides now  , advertising what motherboard makers wants ,  hopefully it will work. But what if it's not ???  Those " babies " cost around 150$. Would you like to gamble ?



Thanks for the info Gordon, looking forward to the Bulldozer review.

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