Will Windows XP Outlive Vista?



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When I installed Vista in Feb 2007 on my PC, I got a 'free' upgrade from XP and installed it over my four month old XP installation.

Vista has worked unerringly since then. I regard myself as something of a power user. I use the PC for my work (adobe CS2-3-4, 3D rendering). I use it to play games (Crysis, Half-Life 2, Flight Sim, Portal, CoD etc. Kaspersky AV tells me that it currently has 455 applications under its control. Except for a couple of weeks holiday per year, there has never been a day when the computer has not been powered on.

I have never previously used a machine that had an install last more than eight months (- Mac or PC) because I drive computers hard.

I can't be bothered with Vistas' detractors, because, for the first time, Microsoft truly got it completely right! Sure, it might not be a pretty Leopard or as jaunty as a Jacalope, but it is bullet proof.

I look forward to Windows 7. I think I will even celebrate its arrival with a core i7 host. I hated and loathed everything about Microsoft for many years and now that they get it right everyone else treats them like a pariah.




"It’s not expected that HP will ship PCs with Windows XP on them other than netooks"



..................  Isn't it already?



im definitely at that point where im pretty sick of xp. it just feels so dated and kind of loathe going back to it after working with 7 and even vista. even thoug hive tweaked the hell out if both internally and visually, it just lacks that something extra that vista and 7 brings (then 7 also has that something extra over vista of course) i cant get into much specifics now since its 3am (im at work) and im a little brain dead.

but quite frankly, im also sick of all these xp die hards. come on dudes, you really want to be using xp even like 5 years from now? all this vista bashing is retarded. i remember xp not bein widely accepted and loved until sp2 kicked in and sp1 certainly helped vista a lot. and if 7 has proven in many cases to run fine on netbooks, why the hell you gona go back to to xp? laaaame



I agree with your opinions whole heartedly...  but I think xp is currently still owning the market, and will most likely out live vista.

I played around with vista ultimate, and honestly, although Its a pretty nice peice of work (now) I'm looking forward to getting my hands on 7 when its released.  It feels and runs like its "vista done right". 



yeah Windows Vista isn't that bad... ANYMORE.. after a couple years with service packs and updates. But that's no diffrent than how Windows XP started out back in the day.  Still Win2k was solid since day one.




If Microsoft really wants to keep a good old OS live and well, they should bring back proper support for Windows 2000.  It has a much smaller foot print, and runs just about anything XP, Vista, and Windows 7 can run already.

All they need to do is give it proper 64bit support, and .net 3.5 SP1 functionality, and throw in that windows firewall dealie. I belive IE is already stripped out of Win2k, so that leaves you with a trim little OS that will fit just fine in those netbook PC, and older/slower PCs.



Xp will outlive Vista. I'm planning to upgrade to Windows 7 the day the thing comes out, and avoid Vista like the plague.



I think you should say 96% percent of netbooks are sold with Windows. Not everyone keeps the OS that comes with the computer.



I got my first Vista pc three days ago, and I have no complaints.  The transition was rather seamless (maybe because I've been running a Vista skin on my XP machines), other than the incompatible 32bit only software I have.  All in all, Vista is a good OS with annoyances, UAC being the one I honestly couldn't take (msconfig solved that one).



I shut it off immediately, but when i heard of conflickr.c i thought i would re-allow it to run...good choice. I backed everything up and went HUNTING for Conflickr. It asked me to continue with it, I pressed no, rebooted, checked everything, and no conflickr. Useful.

Onto the main topic. I like vista, it's got its problems like every os does, and will always have. It's not bad though, it's just like xp, with some added features, and quick workarounds to normal xp things, which are now accessable faster. Also, smartboost is nice, i am physically running 4gb ram, but overall (even though it doesn't regster as such since it only finds physical ram) I have about 12 gb. 2 gigs on SmartBoost, a 6gb page file, and 2 4gb sticks of ddr3 ram. Most Vista bashers never gave vista a one month run after Service Pack one. I hate microsofts os's, seriously, even my sig states it, however i am pleased with Vista, it's not bad. I like XP, and it's still my favorite, but vista is nice too, i won't dick around with getting all the XP drivers for a vista built laptop, and i don't care, vista works like reskinned xp, with some shortcuts. It even automatically downloads drivers for me.


I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



Yea it really isn't. You can actually disable UAC in the control panel under user account settings.

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