Will Verizon Unveil an iPhone Tomorrow?



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I have probably owned about every phone OS possible... afer being stuck with a iPhone and at&t for two years, I was HAPPY to leave. I settled with the Android OS/Marketplace. If the iPhone wasn't owned by a proprietary, money grubbing control freak of a company, the phone would be decent I'm sure. Apple makes the phone bad... at least in my opinion.



Everything I have been reading seems to be pointing to the iPhone. Personally I would rather see the Windows 7 phone be the big announcement.



This is step 1 of 2 for me to get an iphone....the next step is there to be 128gb iphone or at least 64gb like itouches...well looks like I'll still be waiting for a while :(



I am a current Verizon customer and have used the Droid Incredible and the Droid X.  The media experience is less than ideal as the included player constantly locks up my phone.  I have had the X replaced under warranty, but the problem remains.  I like a lot about the Android phones, but mine has trouble with the most basic functions and it can get very frustrating.  Having to remove the battery to reset is ridiculous. 

I will be switching to the iPhone when it is released even if I have to pay the full purchase price for it.  There are rumors that the antenna issue will be fixed for this CDMA version as well.  Hopefully it will also work with the LTE 4G network.



A year or so ago I would have tried an iPhone but I have had a chance to play with them and I am less impressed, especially with the iPhone 4. I also would never let that process robbing Bonjour service from Apple anywhere near my P C.

I was at CES and the most impressive phone I saw was the Windows Phone 7 which will also soon be availabe on Verizon. I had a Windows mobile phone a few years ago and I did not like it but I am very impressed with what I saw of the new one. I also was impressed with the new Motorolla phone.

I have been totally loyal to Verizon for five years but I am concerned that the iPhone kiddies will screw up what has been a very reliable network. If that happens my loyality to Verizon would then be in question.



A big win for all who have been waiting for the iPhone on Verizon including the folks who are jumping ship at AT&T.

A big win for the iPhone and other device users at AT&T, for they will inherit more capacity as others jump ship.

I just hope Verizon is ready for the surge of new subcribers.



This doesn't really interest me (at least from a personal standpoint). I have no interest in owning an iPhone, no matter who the carrier is (for that matter, I don't want an iPod or iPad, either). Added to that is the fact that I switched from Verizon a few months ago for cost reasons and see no reason to go back and triple my current monthly fee (I'm now essentially on the Sprint network through the no-contract affiliate Virgin Mobile).

That aside, I do wish it were possible to get whatever phone you wanted on whatever network you wanted, so from that standpoint, I think Verizon getting the iPhone is a good thing. Just don't expect me to jump at it.



I think the idea of the iPhone as an option on other carriers is great.  However, with the Goog dominating on the smartphone arena, I doubt I will have much interest in the iPhone personally.  I had it on AT&T and enjoyed the hardware but HATED the network.  That was before Android took the crown.  We are loving our Android phones now and everyone I know at corporate and on the Gov. teams I work with are all ditching thier other phones for Android with very few exceptions. 

The other issue is the poor design of the current gen iPhone.  I'd be more inclined to take the next version or a 3Gs, if it were offered, than the iPhone 4.  What a d-bag Jobs and his crew are to not own up to thier shortcomings and shove thier ideals and agendas down my throat via thier sexy hardware with dated OS support.  Apple and Cisco and meld thier philosophies on customer service and appreciation and try to sell to someone else, cause I'm not buying.

On a hypocritical note, I LOVE my iPad.  Though I'm sure I'd love an Android equivilent, if there was one, more.



The Samsung Tab IS an android based version of the iPad and from what I have seen, smashes it to pieces. I've used them both and the Tab gets all high marks in my book while the iPad is just a fat iPhone.



I can't wait!  I have a crapberry now (the last 2 phones have been crapberries) and I'm sick of working with iPhone wannabees. I've heard fantastic things about the Android, but don't want to get stuck in a 2-year contract if the iPhone (what I really want) is right around the corner.

I'll wait. My wife will wait. And we will be happy in about 3 weeks, or whenever they release it.



Yes, it excites me because we get a discount with Verizon at our workplace. And I'm not tethered to any contracts right now. So if it does happen, and Verizon's service plans are appropriately priced, I can sign-up when their iPhone is released.



A few of my co-workers have the iPhone4 and they love it.  I current have a first gen iPod Touch that I absolutely love and use everyday.  To be able to have a phone, iPod, and camera all in one device will be perfect for me.  Plus my current phone is 4 years old, the camera doesn't work anymore, and I'm long overdue for an upgrade.

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