Will Smith's Terrifying Zombie Transformation



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I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It's always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I'm sure you had fun writing this article.

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Just couuld'n resist posting up.I must say Great makeup....



Nice article and good way of introducing your website.

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I get this funny, nagging feeling that you guys really liked Left 4 Dead.  Anyhow, you should have grabbed your family and gone to Wal-Mart for a family photo in this getup.  Hilarity!



Love the new look. This should be the front cover of March's magazine.



Admittedly, I see a few interesting, though not nessescarily connected links with this.


Left 4 Dead features zombies with super speed, which reminds me of the cancer zombies from I Am Legend. Hell, the L4D zombies were even caused by a rare stringet of the rabies virus if memory serves.

Will Smith is the lead actor in I Am Legend, and Will Smith is the Zombie from L4D. 

Lol @ pissing the time away at my grandmothers with DS and coming up with this junk. 


Next year, you should don a false face and be a ghoul from Fallout 3.



This is nifty, but I want to see the makeup work that was made to make Butters look like Zoey.  That is Butters right? :)



No, i wouldnt trust anyone's children with that man.



....write more articles or something......Halloween in March   ??   Too many ads not enough grit in the mag...I.....almost didnt renew subscription   :(

We need a good antimalware review, more ask the doctor and less ask the doctor about  media cr*p   :)

Great makeup though....but it don't help my comp run faster  ;)  I realize that in this slow economy there is less to review  etc....I got it...how bout an article or a link to a proggie that brings Vista and Windows7's hardened kernal to us die hard XPer's  :D   Maybe a port for a Dx10 and/or 11 for XP  :)   OOO...better yet a proggie that lets me run Vista only apps etc on XP  :D

July-ish I'll be upgrading to a AM2+ mobo and a Phenom II x4, and I'm gonna want an ASUS mobo that takes a GTX 280  ^^ ....so I'll need a serious Phenom II x4 overclocking article too...black edition of course!

Also, how bout a list of phone numbers.....(direct to tech support supervisors) for various manufacturers!  Other good articles would be on subjects like how to tweak TCP/IP stacks for the much faster connections we're all getting.   We also definitely need another RPG that takes 200-300 hours to complete, is free to play  and doesnt require paying (in game) for premiums like experience gain and better drops  etc.  Maybe if you don a space suit and hover outside the sapce station in your zombie attire.....Lord whats his face...Garriot,,,will be scarred enough to return and code such a game.


Anyways..great get up and be careful....ya know what they say...video games  (aka Left for dead) cause real world violence......I hate to hear some 27 hour a day gamer kid head shot you while you were making a public appearance in ur zombie suit  !

As for the website...add a user profile thingy so we can post sytem specs...like a click on our avatars links to our specs....



Keith E. Whisman

So your trying to say that they should do an article on a Peggle Stratagy guide. Well I fully agree. 






LOL Look at that table muscle!!!  Get some exercise or something!!!  Lose a chin!!


Keith E. Whisman

Oh god it's alive kill it kill it!!!!! It's comming kill it!!!!!!



At least, looks better than before :P     Good work.



Way to put your face on the line for the mag Will!

Awesome work on the makeup guys!



dude, look at that arm, nice work

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