Will Production Problems Delay the iPad?



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For a rag that's named MaximumPC, you guys sure do have some weird infatuation with Apple products lately. Seems we can't go more than a few posts without hearing more about Jobs & Co... and it's getting pretty old.



I don't know that I'd call it an infatuation.

Personally, I despise the culture attached to Apple products.  The grim reality is that Apple products are relevant whether you like them or not.

Since it *is* MaxmimumPC, and not MaximumWindows, it's safe to expect that there will be news concering Apple.  If anything, it's surprising how little coverage is given to the rest of Apple's product line.




...is that Apple/Mac is not a PC, although they do run on basic PC hardware now.

I agree with you whole-heartedly about the "Apple Culture," it's quite nauseating. Which is precisely why I'd like to see less of it on this site, since I can't seem to escape it nearly anywhere else. Hate 'em as I may, I must say their marketing department is effective, however. 

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