Will Microsoft Tease CES Attendees with Windows 8?



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....where the h3ll have you been for the last 3-5 years...MS continually FORCES people to upgrade, through various nefarious means.   They FORCE OEM's to only install their latest OS on new computers...they FORCE OEM's to remove XP drivers from websites,  they even make it next to impossible to downgrade your OS if you choose to do so....time to wake up and smell the strong arm tatics.



So, you were forced to buy Windows 98(SE), you were forced to buy Windows ME? Forced to buy XP, Vista, and Windows 7? Really? 'cause you know, last time I checked Microsoft released an OS, it has it's lifetime, and then it ends. Support continues for a while, but it too then ends. If you want to keep running an ancient OS then go for it.

If you're buying an OEM machine, then you have to use whatever it comes with unless you load something else on.

If Microsoft were to continue support for old OS' then they'd still be supporting Windows 1, and you could still buy it on CD or floppy disk.

Windows XP is a 10yo OS and it's time for it to retire. It doesn't support the newest hardware properly without a lot of work.

I can still find XP drivers for Toshiba, HP and Dell computers on their websites. You do realize that storage space is finite right? Some of the more older hardware is a little more difficult to find, but still possible. I just think you are unable to properly locate drivers. You know, a proper sys admin/tech/geek keeps a copy of hardware drivers onhand for rebuilds. Unless you're using brand brand brand new hardware, then sure, finding xp drivers is going to be difficult.

Last time I checked, I was never forced to purchase the latest Windows OS with any PC that I built once a new one was released. The old OS was still available for some time.


You know, I'm pissed off at Nintendo for stopping production of the NES, and at Microsoft for stopping support of XBox Live for the original launch XBox, and for Sony for stopping production of the original dual-shock Playstation (grey). All 3 companies are FORCING their customers to buy their new consoles!

And ATi and nVidia! Why the hell aren't they still building and supporting their ancient video cards? Why can't I find Windows 98SE drivers for my brand new Radeon HD 6870? I DEMAND Windows 98 Drivers! Stupid Microsoft forcing me to upgrade from Windows 98! And those stupid hardware manufacturers for ending the life of Floppy drives, ISA slots, AGP slots, and DDR1 RAM.




that's a straw man if i knew what that was





doesn't detract from the fact that he makes some good points



Shouldn't that say 6-9, 2011?



Thanks for catching that!


Fecal Face

I freaking hope not, I don't want to upgrade again, it's too soon!

Yes I know, teasing Windows 8 doesn't = releasing Windows 8, but the speculated 2012 release date is too soon IMO.

Maybe by "next-gen OS" they meant a tablet OS, they don't have one yet



"I freaking hope not, I don't want to upgrade again, it's too soon!"

Really? You think that if they were to release a new OS you'd HAVE TO UPGRADE LIKE RIGHT NOW OMG!!!

You're just as bad as those people who bitched and complained that their 10yr old OS has been pretty much phased out and been replaced (aka Windows XP replaced by Windows 7).

Or the Apple cult members who go out and buy every. single. Apple. Device. Just bought an iPhone 3GS, and 2mo later the iPhone 4 comes out? Buying an iPhone 4.



even if they release it tomorrow. you're not force to upgrade if you're fine with current os!!!



hey, as long as its a cheap upgrade. crap, who am i talking about? ah hell!!

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