Wikipedia: No More Changes to Articles on People without Approval



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On two things, one what does it take to become a trusted editor, is it going to turn into some kind of "in crowd club", which some would argue is already happening, or will there be some objective standard?

Second, does it become politicized. By politicized I obviously don't mean U.S.A. politics, though the fanaticism on both the left and the right is now nearly religious in scope. Instead look at the current challanged articles, world wide everyone with an axe to grind, or propagangda to spew, has tried, is trying, and likely will continue to try, to spin Wiki's.

If the new "trusted editors" act like typical editors in every other arena, then Wiki will no longer have a set of checks and balances to keep those editors opinions from being the only view of, "the facts", that are presented.

Also, don't just think politics, religion or nationalism, if you're into physics you will know what I mean as easily as if you're into climate change, or genetics, or, or, or... "Facts" in science are slippery things at best.



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But, who's to say that that editor is not completely wrong.... ?

I'm thinking back to the early 1900's with Edison, and well, anyone that could have possibly caused him any monetary loss, He defamed basically any other inventor of the time, citing scientific facts (which we know was just BS).



 as long as the flagged editors also count the people who are apoited staff in a wiki. I somehow doubt soeme "experienced editor" wouls have the knoledge of PIGG divers digging up dirt for paragonwiki

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