WikiLeaks Informants Caught in Crossfire Between Julian Assange and U.K's Guardian



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Both David Leigh and Julian Assange should be attacked, condemned, and executed. In my opinion negligence and stupidity is as much a part of your character as any other trait, and disclosing encryption keys accidentally is terrible, with regards to Leigh. If it was on purpose, then he should be lumped with Assange, for working to save themselves instead of protecting the informants and killing yourself if necessary.

I am an atheist, and I don't pretend to care much for life's supposed intrinsic value. I will admit that there are certain people who I believe the world would be better off, and are wasting time supporting using taxpayer money.

But when two people pretend to stand up for government transparency so that people can decide who is best to put in charge, so that the public can make good choices and improve life, and then turn around and backstab other contributors who put their LIVES on the line for the PEOPLE, it sickens me.

We're talking about informants who are risking their lives for others, so that all people, instead of being born with value (although all people are born with rights), are allowed to make choices and make their life worth something. Those informants are people who deserve to be kept alive and healthy using taxpayer money, even though they would probably deny such a luxury. And here, 2 cowards are trying to save their own useless lives by killing off hundred, even thousands, of brave freedom fighters, and denying the public the option of seeing what their elected officials are doing...

All I can say is that this instance is on my list of "Despicable Acts," a list that is less than 100 bullets long, and despite the fact I am a devout atheist, I sometimes wish that there is a hell, just for every single person who participated in those acts.



the commonthread coming from the news agencies that had access to the wikileaks info is that they had access to unredacted information and worked with wikileaks to redact prior to publishing.

no coincidence that Julian is about to stand trial or that he ran a poll where 100-1 people said - ok put our all the info in the raw,

all childish, along with the infighting within wikileaks- but then again-- you put faith in a one man show with no accountability what do you expect?

while some good might come from the cables - the people more interested in them are the countries/groups were there were informants /sources named. and of course the hacker groups always looking for PI to steal






Man, I can't believe the audacity of these people to leak the names of informants.  The lives they are playing with so casually just makes me sick.

If the police or the CIA dragged these lowlifes into the street and shot them, I would not care.




A "He said, She said" situation really isn't helping all the people whose lives are in danger because of their names were "accidently" published. It'd be nice if they put their efforts into protecting the informants before they try to put the blame on anyone.


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