Wii Wrests US Crown from Xbox 360



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I think they only make so much to make consumers cry for their product. Remember when the PS2 came out? And there wasnt any available? Its a stradegy that has gone on for years. Oh well, I am glad to hear PS3 making it!



Just imagine how many more of the things they could have sold if they were widely available



Not that i dont love the consoles (except wii, i play games to relax... not to get excersize... i can go out and run for that) but why dont they count pc sales? i mean its not that hard... if some1 says "well not all pcs are used for gaming"... then only count PCs that have an 8800GT+ graphics card... if some1 spends that much on graphics then they are probibly going to play some games



if you do that then the AMD fanboys don't get fair representation ;) but you could compute how many dell xps's, alienwares, falcon nw, ect. as for whiteboxes, I think that would be virtually impossible to compute

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