Wii U Sales Surge to 400,000 Units; Console is "Essentially Sold Out"



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Laptop Adapters...

Wii U is realy good. Can you help me to get one?
Thank you very much!!!



I didn't buy a DSi or a 3DS because they aren't backward compatible with Gameboy Advance games. I won't buy a Wii U because it isn't backward compatible with Gamecube games. I won't buy the next Sony or Microsoft systems unless they are backward compatible with the previous generation. I have 8 systems and don't want any more new consoles unless they can replace ones I already have.



why the fk should we care thats your own stupid problem. Seriously, go fk your self. You act like youve never seen a console before. Idiot



So, basically, you're never ever going to buy another game system because they try and cut down on cost to make it more affordable to people to people by cutting out features that are several generations out of date. I mean, seriously, why the hell would a Wii U need to play GameCube games? GameCube run, what $30 used, depending on where you look. You have to think of the cost-effective picture here. It isn't a good business model to put features in a system that the majority of people using the system will not use. It's like saying every single computer out there should still come with floppy drives for full software backwards compatibility. Sure, it's still (very rarely) used, but it's an overall waste of money when, if the person who wants to continue using that medium can just spend a bit of money to buy a bare or external drive themselves. Why increase the price for everyone simply for the few that want extra features? (yes, I realize my example is a bit flawed, but you hopefully get the point)



A Supercard DSTWO adapter can play GBA games natively on DSi and 3DS. That might be a good solution for you.



I would encourage everybody to go demo one of these units. Then you can see how nothing has changed at Nintendo. The Wii U continues the path of a gimmicky waste of money. I will continue to support Nintendo in handhelds, as they have the best market for games. But as a console maker they are far behind and can't close the distance.



Hmmm, I can see where you are going with this, and you do have a point. However, it depends on what you are searching for in a video game. Not everyone wants to commit to a game, while some may want short, and long-term commitments. Some people want simplicity, while some revel in complexity. Some stress graphics over game-play. To each his own.
As you said, one should do the homework, demo the unit, then decide. The appeal to the more hardcore gamer is now present in the WiiU, plus the type of play-style brought to the table by the Wii is still facilitated.Throw in the new features which have been added, and improvements to come, and it can be said that Nintendo has made some smart choices.
That, however, is the opinion of a person that has been playing games since the 80's, and enjoys gaming with actual humans present, and in that old Ninja Turtles, Contra, Mario, DKC, style. Many new gamers just don't feel good unless they are killing something AND seeing blood while they are at it.



I would love to get this system, but I can't bring myself to buy it, its the same issue as the Wii, I only really like maybe 2-5 games per system generation that they make, granted I REALLY like them.

But there are also about 15-20 that I love ont he xbox 360.

I just can't bring myself to pay $150-$200 for a game system for only 5 games I want to play. Not with the crappy resale value of them.



Just curious but why isn't there a law that prohibits people from buying out products on limited stock then re-listing them for a premium? Nobody is being forced to pay the premium price but it's essentially increasing the problem of low supply.



There already is a law in place, but it only applies to things that people could acctually need. Like food and supplies in the case of an emergency.

A video game system, as much fun as they are, and as lost as I would be without them in my life. does not require that kind of regulation and control.

That good sir... Is just plain silly, soo silly in fact its imaginary.



Good to see this hasn't turned into a big flop. Hope to see Nintendo doing well past the Holidays.

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