Wi-Fi Available on 1 out of Every 3 U.S. Planes



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The reason why this will never..take off...is because rarely go the seats your in have electrical outlets.  Only first classand some business have a way to power your device.  Who cares about wi-fi when you cannot turn your laptop on......






First off, everyone wishes everything would be free. Get over it. When an airline charges $6 for an in-flight beer, do you think they'll give away internet access? Don't see many airports with free internet, do you?

Now, the service itself. If you're a business traveler and welcome a 2-6 hour break with no phone calls, and no one stopping by your office, so you could finally clear out emails, send emails, get and review presentations, etc. it's a no-brainer. I am disappointed every flight that does not have wi-fi. Everyone I know who travels like I do agrees.

We just need more flights with wifi. My flight Monday morning 7/19 from ORD - LGA - no wifi. If they had it, $13 no problem. Done. Last trip, ORD-LHR-VIE - no wifi. Previous trip, ORD-HNL-KOA, no wifi. Previous trip, ORD-SFO, no wifi. And so on.

It's not designed for the leisure traveler going to Vegas to party with his college buddies. It's just for business travelers. Maybe the readership here skews away from that?



I enjoy reading typed words on pieces of paper bound together in order while flying.



I'd never pay more than $5-$10 (if it was an emergency situation).  It's just not worth it



Yup. Free. Or something trivial, like 99 cents. If you can't be free from the Internet for a few hours during a flight you have issues.



it should be free.

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