Wide Load: Toshiba Satellite U845W is First Laptop to Wield 21:9 Display, Now with Windows 8



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An even narrower laptop. Junk in my book.

My Mom wanted an inexpensive laptop, and I told her to go to a store that has laptops and try them out, but I didn't recommend anything smaller than 15" because the screens were all so narrow, being 16:9 displays. She has trouble seeing all she needs to see as it is on the 15".

I don't know who this thing is made for, but it's not people who actually use them to do work, that's for sure.



...but why 768 pixels high? Was 1080 considered too much?
When writing long sentences you cannot have wide enough screens, but what are the measurements in diagonal inches?
And why no numerical key-pad?



Reminds me of a Sony Vaio P.



My only real question here is why make a laptop so perfect for video editing and not include esata or thunderbolt? or (unfortunately, I must say it...[ahem]firewire)



How is it perfect for video editing? Its resolution is still lower than the tired old 1920*1080 that should have been the minimum years and years ago.

Maybe video is shot at that aspect ratio, I can't say that it isn't, but I'm positive that it is shot at much higher resolutions than that. Least ways, it had better be, in 2012. My phone shoots in 16:9, but it shoots at 1920*1080, a resolution which contains more pixels than does this very wide screen.



Be careful they may discontiue it soon after you buy it, like they did with hddvd.



Again, thats what happens when you adopt a new format in the middle of a massive format war.

Toshiba didn't chose to discontinue it, the world spoke and decided they wanted Blue-Ray



And they Picked Sony who is bailing out on opticaln drives .FUCK SONY DRy up the stump


Peanut Fox

Blu Ray was clearly pegged to be the winning format early on, and Toshiba supporting it wouldn't have changed anything since all the major studios bailed. What good would Toshiba sticking around have done if no one was printing movies on the format? Strangely enough several retailers did exchanges for HD DVDs and players for Blu Ray capable devices.



I saw this thing in china. I was like wtf? that thing is real?

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