Wi-Fi Alliance to Begin Passpoint Certification Program Next Month



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“With Passpoint, devices automatically identify and join Wi-Fi networks, and users are not required to complete a cumbersome manual login process,”
Umm Really? If you are unable to type in a password in order to connect to a hot spot, then you don't need the internet as you wont be able to log into any website as the process would be beyond you. If people don't want to educate themselves on how to do something as easy as logging onto a wi-fi hot spot, they need a typewriter not a computer.




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This is good news I suppose. Standards are good, upfront certifications for end-users are also good.



These are the same people who brought us WEP and WPS -- both of which claimed to be secure and were actually garbage.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is widely regarded in security circles as a joke, and a cracker's best friend.



I'm not sure I agree. As the website's most paranoid commenter, I worry about the privacy issues of tying your sim card to your browsing experience. Especially when phones don't give you granular control over exactly what information is sent or by what mechanism, just walking past a hotspot could potentially be quite damaging.



I was having the same line of thought the more I read this. There is danger in making the security-oriented things we do "too easy". Especially when you consider the number of consumers who know little to nothing about data security already. To me it's like the en-mass Lemming migration to Cloud Computing, making the silly assumption that it is all safe and secure just because someone SAYS your data is safe on their servers, in our current world market where the most used tactic is simply to lie to the consumer and put asterisks and disclaimers in fine print most people don't bother to read. Too many people are comfortable with the utopian notion that "someone" always has their back when things turn sour even though they really have no idea who or where that someone is.

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