Why You Shouldn’t Give up on OnLive Just Yet



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The day it was announce they had a beta sign and i signed up as soon as i could, it starts this summer i believe so we should know more about how it works by then.

 As far internet goes how many gamers dont have at least a 4meg connection? hell at the least everyone who plays Xbox live will be able to play this.  I dont pay that much for Comcast and i have a 6meg connection. As far as ISP controlling bandwidth i.e capping and throttling, for the most part throttling is only a problem for torrenting and caps that are in place as few as there may or may not be ( i dont agree with them) but they are not small 250gigs i think for Comcast is what i read in MaxPC a few months back. Which is a lot of porn to download and a lot of playing WoW to max out a cap like that.  



But in all seriousness, I hope this works.  The idea looks pretty cool.



If it isn't smoke and mirrors as was said in the article then this is could be a great idea.  Now performance has yet to be measured.  The major issue I see with it, is you can't control your back bone to the internet.  So depending on where you are or your ISP, the service will be a flop or a hit.  Also depends if they keep a decent server/client ratio.




I don't see why essentially real-time encoding of the video steam is considered to be an issue.  There are plenty of consumer-level products (HD camcorders and the Hauppauge HD-PVR for examples) that record MPEG4 video in essentially real-time.  I can't imagine that OnLive can't do this today with dedicated hardware.

 I don't see how they can get around the latency issue for fast-twitch games, but maybe there are ISPs out there which can actually deliver the response time.

 But, my biggest comment is that, if this works, or even COMES CLOSE to working, why do we need powerful home PCs anymore?  I mean, why don't we all just use netbooks or thin clients?  If you can run a FPS on the cloud, you sure as heck can run Excel or Word or even Photoshop or video-editing in the same way.  Isn't this a potential death-nell for Intel?  This doesn't seem to be getting much attention... to me it goes way beyond games.


Pentium 0

No, just think of all the money intel will be making off server procs :)



I was thinking the same thing.  One will select the programs they want
access to, pay X amount each month for them and just stream them to
your Celeron CPU with integrated graphics.  Especially with the way
wireless is going one could potentially have internet access almost
everywhere between Cell towers and WiFi.


Think of the cyber terrorism that will be in the future if all our
processing is done by a couple of companies at a  handful of
locations.  SCARY


I Jedi

You people have NO faith what so ever... Just wait till the beta testers report in this summer. 



Ya the conflicker worm wrote it.



On the other hand i think this could work.  As a whole the United States is around the slowest in internet speeds compared to the whole world.  We are making strides to catch up and speed continues to go up.  And i think my 10mbs if fast but its like dial up in Japan.  And i think 10mbs is very capable of having great performance with OnLive and i think even 5mbs and mabye a little lower could too.



They're honestly going to devote one server per connected customer? If that's the solution, fine, but I'd love to know where they're getting investment money like at a time like this.



if you red the blog the inference was only some games (EG Crysis) would use a 1:1 ratio.


Keith E. Whisman

So is this an April Fools Day article?

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