Why SATA Revision 3? Ask the SSDs!



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You are mixing up the units. People do something similar with hard drive capacities. 250MB/s is different from 250Mb/s. The capital B refers to bytes, while the b refers to bits. The usual conversion rate is 8 bits for 1 byte. Thus, 250MB/s -> 2000Mb/s or 2Gb/s. The prefixes are a source of confusion as well. MB refers to megabyte, but the mega can be defined to either mean 2^20 or 10^6. This explains the discrepency with hard disk sizes. Drive makers report in one size and Windows generally reports in the other. The correct meaning is 10^6, with mebibyte, or MiB, refering to 2^20.



I'm sorry, I've never really understood the speed ratings of SATA, but if they're marked as being good for speeds up to 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s, how is 250mb/s saturating even the original SATA?



Pretty soon....we will be able to buy INTEL aftershave or INTEL corn removers at new egg with free shipping!! WOOHOO!!! I realize intel puts out good cpu's, MB's, etc....but come on folks, get a grip and a slurpee...other vendors are NOT that much slower, and just as good as intels offerings. You keep supporting intel like you do, our choices will be only intel then they will be able to charge what ever they want for their products.

Want to pay 600 bucks for an intel board that in all reality would cost 150 today? It's heading that way. Intel stuff is really no better than anyone elses products. Sure, you get a little better performance according to synthetic benchmarks but hell, intel prolly had a hand in making them too so they favor intel.

Regardless....intel is like cadillac....a great car but no better than alot of others....plus you pay 30% more for the name.


Keith E. Whisman

why stop with ESATA? Why not make an internal SATA standard that powers hdd's or ssd's over the SATA cable? Seems like it would help to reduce the clutter in the case. Perhaps all the powered SATA cables could connect to a riser card off the motherboard that also has a connector for a power wire from the PSU. With a riser card you could have alot of connectors with a very small foot print. Thus leaving more room on the mother board for other components. It's been done in the past. I remember the IDE controller card that plugged into a Vesa Local Bus. These cards were long but here it would just be the power supply and the SATA ports would be on the card and the components would be on the motherboard. This would be freaking fantastic.. I should get into the motherboard design field.

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