Why On Middle-Earth Is Turbine Releasing The First Lord of the Rings Online Expansion Five Days After WoW: WoTLK?



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"Add to that the fact that LOTRO is basically WoW plus little big-footed people and minus about 9 million players"

Lol! Really? Sounds like another WoW fan that automatically dismisses every other MMO out there. I think WoW has a few things over LOTRO, PvP gameplay & Popularity. In my opinion, LOTRO has better overall gameplay mechanics, graphics, and a more mature community.

Either way is doesn't matter when the game is released as WoW fans will play WoW and LOTRO players will play...hmm... LOTRO.



This is the dumbest article ever.  LOTR players will buy their expansion and WOW players will buy theirs.  Don't really see what the problem is.  They probably thought about the release date with some care and know what they're doing.






When you have time invested in these MMO's and you make guilds and friends, it is very difficult to leave.

I was in SWG for pretty much from the start all the way to the second big revamp.  It was very difficult to for me to leave.

 I meandered about iin different MMO's and almost gave up on them.  Then I decided to face my distaste to try the cartoony WoW.  I have never looked back.  I should have known that it was Blizzard and I have liked every game that they have come out with.

Every change they make betters the game for me, the content is great, and the look isn't cartoony, it is an artistic style and I have come to realize it.  I'll be playing it for a long time to come.


Randy M.

It simply doesn't matter when they release their expansion. You play WoW or LOTR or something else and you will be loyal to that game pretty much no matter what with only a very minute audience being influenced by the whole who, what, where and when questions.

It doesn't matter what company you are. What game you have created. What licensed content you have locked up... WoW will rule for at least several more years at the very least. The rest of you are fighting over second place.

The only game so far that has given me pause to maybe try out is Warhammer. And even still I won't, because I have to much time invested in WoW and its still great and fun.

Not to mention Blizzard is about to release Diablo 3.... omg the meaning of time sink has been re-written. I'll be playing Diablo 3 and playing my WoW account at the same time.

I wish all you non WoW peoples luck, because the battle is one sided and you will need every bit of luck available... and even then it won't be enough.



"You play WoW or LOTR or something else and you will be loyal to that game pretty much no matter what with only a very minute audience being influenced by the whole who, what, where and when questions."

I wouldn't say that's necessarily true. Plenty of WoW players (myself included, at one point) jumped ship for LOTRO because they were looking for something slightly different after playing WoW for two years. But, with the hype WoTLK is going to generate, it's pretty much a sure bet that former WoW players will want to check it out. 

And that's why Mines of Moria is releasing around the same time as WoTLK: damage control.

I see it like this: hardcore MMO players -- the ones who gobble up content faster than devs can release it -- have fairly short attention spans. Each new big-budget MMO -- be it Conan, Warhammer, or what have you -- always ends up being hyped as "The game to finally steal some of WoW's player base." Notice I didn't say "beat" WoW, because, as you said, WoW isn't coming down from the top for a long time. The problem, then, for developers, is that hardcore MMO players, looking for a change of pace, will play a new MMO, but only for as long as it takes to see upper level content. Then many of them return to WoW. The LOTRO expansion, I'm guessing, is a more aggressive attempt to keep players from continuing this pattern. 

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