Why is Microsoft Taking So Long to Reveal Official Windows 8 Pricing?



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I was offered it free through MSDNAA and currently have it installed on my x230T. I was expecting the worst and to be honest its actually very usable, and surprisingly fast. The touch interface has been seriously improved over windows 7 as well. That being said if I didnt have a tablet that was multi-touch enabled I'm not sure if I would bother with it and I seriously doubt I would use it if it wasn't free.



I'm thinking that that is actually the whole point of Windows 8, more or less. Microsoft is hoping to pull in all of these customers that were interested in tablets and touch interfaces but at the same time wanted absolutely nothing to do with Apple or Apple products.

Apple pretty much owns the tablet sector as far as IOS and Android devices and the only way that Microsoft could compete in that sector would have been by strictly releasing Windows RT tablets and HOPING for the best.

Instead of going that route they are basically trying to storm the market by pushing out Windows 8 on the desktop, in the form of x86 tablets, and via ARM based Windows RT tablets, all at once.

I have a desktop computer that I built and I am considering Windows 8 and I was wondering what the cost would be in getting a large screen touch enabled monitor, just for use with Windows 8.

Obviously, if I'm thinking about that, other people are too, so even if Windows 8 is basically a bust at release, which I don't think it will be, they've still got the ball rolling on all of these touch devices and they have people, other then iPod and iPad users, thinking about touch devices and touch interfaces and what they can do for users and for productivity.

If Windows 8 causes this huge uproar, now, and everyone hates it, it still kind of softens the blow the next time Microsoft attempts an operating system with a touch interface, even if that doesn't happen until Windows 10 or 11.



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It's too bad that no one wants that piece of shit...



New OS name that everyone still calls Metro, check!

New Logo that is ugly as hell, check!

Rock bottom prices, because nobody wants this POS, check!

Support staff ready for user backlash and demands for windows 7 exchange, check!

This is going to be a fun launch!


Ghost XFX

We're about to be hit over the head for a crappy OS, that's why. Microsoft and Apple, if there is a way to cut their necks, I'm all for it.



If it were offered to me for free, I still wouldn't want the pile of shit.



I wish they would go ahead and announce all of the official prices for Windows 8 and the Surface tablets. I don't love uncertainty, I would rather know what I'm dealing with, ahead of time. I'm already on the fence about Windows 8, if I should bother with it at all or just pick up a few copies of Windows 7.

There was all this positive press about Windows Vista from CERTAIN tech publications, so I went and picked that up and lived to regret it. I don't want to repeat that same mistake, but at the same time I like having the newest hardware and software, when I can.

Whatever I switch to, I want the same thing on all my computers and I don't want to have to install a service pack whenever I do a new install, in addition to the operating system itself, just to get a minimum level of functionality.

I'm really kind of frustrated with the computer industry in general, because I feel like things have slowed to a crawl. The only activity I have seen is with SSD's, and that is mostly just announcements of new models, usually maxing out at 480gb or 512gb, or new firmware for those models.

There was an announcement earlier this year from Seagate about some new storage breakthrough that would result in 6tb desktop hard drives and 2tb laptop hard drives, but who knows when we will see actual products based on that breakthrough...



they're probably debating if it should be free or if they should pay money to people for downgrading from Windows 7



I wonder if one could dish out the $40 for the upgrade, but not install it yet. Wait to see if it's another Vista or worse... Windows ME. If it's any good, install it in a new build in a year or so.

Do we know if there is a time limit on installing/activating it after purchase of the upgrade version?


John Pombrio

Huh, I thought that WAS the official pricing.



John John John. We thought we taught you better than this. This is M$ we are talking abour here and to think THAT was the official pricing is just ludicrous! lol

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