Why It's Too Early to Judge Windows 8 Sales



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- Given up on MS. Getting whipsawed from turkey to jewel and back to turkey is too much. Nothing I do is going to depend on them from now on. Linux all the way.

- OSX costs $20. A Mac notebook w/optical drive starts around $1200. A monopoly on compatible hardware is just as detrimental to choice as one on OS. Good luck Hackintoshing to a PC when the keyboard won't work during setup - I've seen it.

- MS says Win8 will take off with the manufacture of more touch devices, that that's what it was made for. NFS. Now how about an OS for the friggin' desktop? Ever try to edit an audio or video file on a touch screen with the fat tip of a finger?

- Windows had a good run. It brought PC prices down and let users have more hardware choice through its licensing scheme. It made computers easy enough for Grandma to use. And now by making it harder and competing with its own licensees, MS is turning its back on its own success.

- Finally, MS made a huge mistake in abandoning its strengths and playing Apple's game of touch-screen, which it invented. There will always be a market for desktop PCs. Someone has to actually provide all that content tablets are gulping down and code the programs they use, and many people want the more robust capabilities a tablet or phone can't offer.

This is a mistake that Microsoft will be paying for for years to come. Fortunately, as a Linux user I won't be paying with them.



As far as I'm concerned, Microsoft is irrelevant today. Everything they sell is no different from what other companies offer, or 3 years behind in devlopement or simply too expensive.

The Mac Heads can buy the newest OS X for $20.

GNU/Linux runs on every freakin' thing you can run an OS on: cellphones, tables, latpops, desktops, servers, mainframes, and all the grey areas in between, above and below.

Android and iOS are *the* mobile platform OSes. Win8 not only isn't in the same ball park, it isn't even in the same state.

The only thing Microsoft hasn't screwed up is their 7 year old Xbox360, and even there I'm not to sure as you have to pay a yearly fee for Xbox Live, can only use a gamepad, and the graphics are pretty much light years behind what is available on the PC.

Microsoft is irrelevant. The only thing I use it for is games, and Steam's Linux push is starting to chip away at even that.



"Redmond believes once the hardware catches up with the software, it will be a brand new ball game."

Just more Microsoft spin!

I thought "Surface" established the bar to meet. Once the Surface Pro tanks it's all over.



If Windows 8 was selling well would it still be too early to judge sales?


Paper Jam

No, if 8 was selling well Ballmer would be heralded as a genius and sales figures would be everywhere. As it stands MS will just keep spinning the numbers as best they can, and Ballmer will just have to call himself a genius.




All you Win8Haters give me a good laugh with the way you keep trying to spin everything said...as bad.

It's a shame y'all are going to have a harder and harder time coming up with new spin. Eventually, your spinning is going to run down and, like the proverbial top, you will fall over...out of energy.

So it goes...


Paper Jam

Windows 8 will grow and gain marketshare, but don't confuse that with being good. In the PC market, Windows is still the biggest kid on the block. People will upgrade and buy new hardware, and a large majority of those purchases will come with Windows 8. This will be because of three reasons. First being the name people know, even though it looks nothing like traditional Windows. Second being an unwillingness of many to pay the Apple tax. And third being that most all new hardware not made by Apple comes with Windows. How can anything other than Windows 8 growth occur? MS is playing cards with the deck stacked in their favor.



“Microsoft isn't happy with PC makers for failing to fully ready themselves for the launch of Windows 8, and Reller's comment subtly underscores that sentiment.”

How arrogant is that? They force a drastically different type of OS on the PC makers with no choices. Industry responds to customers, not MS, and now 8 machines are piling up in warehouses.

The PC industry needs to tell MS that they will pay half of their future OEM bills on installation, and the other half only after the machines are sold.



Forget MicroSucks, I just heard that the newest ipad will come with another row of icons just like the iphone 5 did. What a time we live in. /s



Microsoft exec says "that touchscreen device you already bought? It's stinks ! "



"Microsoft last month said it sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses"

for the last time, this statement means nothing. How many have end users bought? not 60 million. Most of these are still in boxes at the best buys of the world. Considering every time i go into BB, there is some idiot that works there pushing ipads. I cannot name one person who likes Metro... and since microsoft keeps saying metro=win8, people ignore the fact that win8 is much faster... as long as you are in the desktop mode.



*taps Microsoft softly on the shoulder*
there there Microsoft, Windows 8 is doing fine, sure, everything's going to be all right, whatever you say, now brush your teeth and go to sleep.



I was really hoping that with Feb. 1/13 passing we would finally see an end to the Win 8 pushing on the net. Sadly it continues, sigh.

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