Why is Google Running Ads for Known Malware Sites?



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If you find these sites that start the download of this virus, ping the site and look it up at a dns lookup site, then report it to the ISP's so that they can get it shut down. These are the companies that should be taking responsibility. Usually they have these sites shut down within a few hours. http://runholy.com/?p=92 , http://atlastmylove.com



There is a simple solution to this problem:  Don't click on any ads.  Period.  Educate your family and friends about computer virus' and safe computing practices.  Use Firefox with AdBlock Plus and FilterSet G Updater.  Install ClamWin and Avast! to protect yourself against virus' that do get through.




Use Malwarebytes' free


software to get rid of it





I just got rid of Smart Antivirus 2009, created by the same people that brought us all those other lovely antivirus/antispamware malwared. It took me three days of picking bits and pieces from my registry, and I had to reformat my harddrive--which it repeatedly tried to thwart, by the way--losing all of my data.

Right now, I want to know who to prosecute. If Google is, indeed, advertising these sites, I would like to hold them culpable, as well.



If you search something pronographically related and you come across a page with groups.google.(insert end here), you'll get a page and when you click the link on that one, you'll get directed to some place like PornoTube to download the Zlob, Renos, whatever trojan or some rouge program. Google may be in cahoots with the malware makers, which they probably are, but maybe the deal went that instead of paying for our fake licenses to software that does nothing, why don't you advertise our software and make us more money? My theory is that Google doesn't care about comp safety at all and that they serve up the fakers just so that the malware people make money and leave google alone. It's like appeasing Hitler, it didn't work. My guess is that the malware might just go off, hack google, and end us for good.

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I got my Google Ads cherry popped a couple of months ago when I saw a Google Ad for bulletproof bulk email hosting. I somehow can't imagine reconciling supporting spam resources with "do no evil" and I don't think Google even tries. It's crap and they're just on the take. This is the reason my domain passed on getting Google Ads, since who knows what ads for nasties might have made it on to our pages from Google.


digital demon

I deal with customer computers infected with Antivirus XP at work all the time. It is a royal pain in the ass to get rid of.

I've been wondering how so many people can repeatedly get infected with the same virus, but if Google is hosting a link to it I guess that answers my question.



Our companys google adwords account was hacked a week ago and someone put a campaign for this exact ad  and put a limit of 10,000.00 a day. The campaign racked up thousands of dollars before I realized what had happened. I emailed google and after 4 days or so, they responded and took care of the problem and we did not have to pay for the irronious charges. Not sure why google approved the ad in the first place, it was obviously a Russian ad that was a malware antivirus site.



Congratulations, you've been infected with a trojen called FakeAlert. This is not Google placing adds for a malware site. This is an injected script that adds HTML to the code that you've downloaded. I suggest doing a little research before placing blame. this Trojen was written in Russia and does not infect any systems with Russian set as the prefered language. Should you be interested in learning more about this trojen and what it does, please visit McAfee's site or Sophos' website and search for FakeAlert.



consists of files that cause false warnings of spyware on the computer.
Usually the alerts are displayed in a balloon type pop-up from an icon
in the system tray.

Add. DescriptionTrojan.FakeAlert
displays these false warnings when rogue security software is
installed, usually by exploits, and is used to frighten the user into
buying the rogue software.

The article says they google had ads for the malware websites that installed these malicous programs. FakeAlert has nothing to do with changing the google ads you are reading, which is what you are describing.




Talcum X

 Can we find the same ads  (or sponsered links) in any other search engine?  Google may not be the only one cashing checks.


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You should spend some time in Blogspot. I've been tracking malware there for months and other more respected researchers evern longer.

I've submitted sites to them for removal and while they kill those blogs, they don't block the sites the blogs are re-directing users to. And they're always the same sites, time and time again. At any given moment there are literally hundreds of malware pushing sites on the Blogspot domain.

But if Google fixes it, there won't be any blogs on Blogspot. Betweeen the spam\blog farms(splogs) and malware pushing sites they wouldn't be able to make a dime.

The latest foray can be found here:


I've just checked and they're now pushing the latest rogue, Virus Trigger.

And Google knows how to block these re-directs too.

Google is all about the money and nothing else. Stay away from Blogspot.



..so why would they be bothered if their kissing cousins wanted a link to their malware on a google site.

Ever try and un-install Google earth.....I've HAD viruses that were easier to rremove.



I think its pretty obvious at this point that Google doesnt give a sht about its users. Any one who thinks otherwise might want to question what it planns to do with its Galactabytes of personal information it keeps and never purges about peoples searching habits and redirects. Those records are attached to IPs that can one day personaly ID you and everything youve ever searched for on Google.


Its a feaking search engine. Get over it already.





I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. 

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Now that Google's been put on blast, will the malware ads cease?



Why do companies and or software packages like that exist. I mean could there not be a agency or something that stops those kinds of attempts to hurt others. I think malware and stuff like it has reached the point where we can not just rely on spy ware checkers to remove it, a preemptive measure should be taken.



"Why is Google Running Ads for Known Malware Sites?"

My first guess would be that their check cleared.






Ding ding ding!


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