Why Dating a Twitter User is Asking for Heartache



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Ugh, I met a guy on one of the popular dating sites and I couldn't stand how much he tweeted. Such meaningless stuff too like "at dinner with Jessica about to eat some sushi." No one cares! Needless to say, I dumped him after a few months of his non-stop tweeting and checking in everywhere.



I don't think a half month difference in relationship duration is enough to make such a strong statement. You could say the same for dating online! In general, social networks are always a risk because you can never be sure of anyone's intentions...



Not only do I not date a Twitter user. I dont even associate with them. Same goes for Facebook. 



"Broken down by age, OKCupid found that out of 833,987 subjects, the average relationship for an 18-year-old is about 9 months, compared to about 9 and a half months for a non-Twitter user."

Tell me how this is a complete sentence.



the good ol fashion way of cheating, $5 AC Hooker. All cash and no twitter.

It seems people forget the more tech advances the easier it is to get caught cheating. 

But that sticking this those all old ways, as simple as it sounds, you probably have a higher chance of getting away with it. 

Just like the way to send a secure email, is to actually write a letter and mail one. probably the last way someone will look to steal information from you. because its so old fashion to do that most dont do it anymore. 

Not saying i do this or find cheating acceptable. Like the saying 'sometimes the best place to hide, is in plain sight'



I am so freakin' happy to be married and no longer have to worry about this dating crap.



Whenever I'm out on a date, the first time they whip out their electronic device to check e-mail, update friends on Twitter, answer worthless phone calls so they can talk about who won last night on "Dancing With the Stars," that date is ended and they don't get asked out again.



Not to mention the fact that any non-celebrity that thinks they're so important that his/her "fans" need constant updates is probably already in a serious relationship...with his or herself.



I think you summed it up nicely.

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