White BlackBerry Z10 Only Available at Verizon Wireless



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Laptop Adapters...

White BlackBerry Z10 is very beautiful.



I saw the white z10 at walmart canada.



Does it really matter what color a phone is?

Any intelligent person puts a cover on their phone to protect it from drops.

Ignore the fools Paul. Keep up the excellent work at MaxPC.


Peanut Fox

Verizon sure loves their exclusives.



My first smart phone was a Blackberry Curve 8330 and I still own it. I like blackberry, they make nice phones. However I won't be going back to them from Android anytime soon. The simple fact of the matter is Android gives me more features and the ability to change / modify my phone any way I choose and from the looks of it the new Blackberry doesn't. I don't have facebook, I don't tweet, and the new BB system looks like it was designed with social media deeply integrated into it. It's just not aimed at me.



Which one is the more powerfull phone, the black one or the white one. Wow what really usefull news to help make my PC work better!



PC is still our core, but we'd be remiss to ignore mobile technology and topics that aren't stricly related to building a computer. It's not like companies are announcing new motherboards on a daily basis, versus the deluge of smartphone and tablet developments.



I wouldn't worry about justifying any material on here. The bitterness over the changing direction of the PC world will subside once everyone realizes that the world as we once knew has come and gone.

The lines between mobile devices and PCs will continue to blur as technology keeps progressing. Once they're indistinguishable, talking about PCs will be akin to discussing a dinosaur in the Smithsonian.



I went to the BB conference last Monday in NYC. I was pretty impressed with the new OS. The hardware specs are not the greatest but it works well. The resolution is really nice but lacks brightness even with everything turned up.

The OS implimated a work/personal split. Where certain apps and functions apply to each. So no tweeting corporate pics after late night of drinking.

If you still use bb for enterprise work, then this a no brainer upgrade.

For the general consumer, the work side will really serve no function so its like losing half of your OS. The only reason to buy this phone is if you are tired of apple and android.


Paper Jam

Are you actually using BB10 or did you just get to try out a demo unit? I would be curious to here a breakdown on the functionality of the new OS from an everyday user's standpoint, especially if you are coming from an Android device. Just judging from what I've seen on the web, the interface looked unintuitive and kinda clunky, but I haven't actually had one in my hands to try it out.



You really aren't losing anything if you don't want to use the buisness side of it; it's just kept out of your way.



Agreed, but when you tap and hold in the middle of screen and drag down. It shows your two profiles. Personal and work. It just feels like you are missing out on something.

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