Which Do You Use Most Often to Take Pictures, a Digital Camera or Your Smartphone?



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Nikon D60.  35mm f/1.8





My kids to things too spontaneously for me to alway get to the camera, even my pocketrocket Canon.

90/10 in favor of Cell phone pics.



I use my phone for my camera needs.  Its the Nokia N8 with the 12mp camera and takes very good pictures.  I have not really delt with high end cameras, but do not see a need to buy a midgrade one while my phone does the job.  I dont take many pictures anyway, so my phone suits my needs.



I use my phone for spontaneous photos, my camera for anything that I want a good copy of. I'd say it's about  50/50.



I was about to type the exact same thing. 50/50 for me too.



As a person who has sold cameras for a living for a number of years I can tell you that if I want a good picture I take it on a dedicated camera.  If I want something quick to text or email to my wife I use my phone.  No matter how good smartphones get at taking pictures, they'll never replace a dedicated camera.  Photography isn't just about megapixel resolution, the quality of the optics in the lens make all the difference in the world.


Mighty BOB!

Hmm, did the survey take into account that some people don't have both devices?  I'd be more interested in knowing, of the people who do have both, what the percentages are, but I can't find it in the link.



Honestly its going to depend on what I'm taking a picture of. If I just want a quick photo, I'm gonna take out my iPhone and snap a picture. If I want a really ncie picture though, I'll bring along my 14MP camera. Resolution differences are huge obviously

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