Where are the New Consoles At?



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How funny.  I came to 'maximumpc.com' to read about console crap.  I don't own any, and probably won't until the day my kids ask for one.  I have a pc built by digital storm that is a gaming monster, and I love every bit of my leet gaming status.  Can we do an article on pc's now plz.  =)



I want to see MS introduce mouse and keyboard support onto the xbox.  Even if it's only a microsoft-specified keyboard and mouse that will work with the xbox.  It's been proven over and over and mouse and keyboard gets better aim and better reaction times.  Let's upgrade to the present already.  Support for mods would also be awesome.  I played Oblivion on the Xbox and Fallout3 on the PC because I saw I had missed a huge boat with Oblivion having mods on the PC side that were absolute game-changers.  I'm getting ready to buy New Vegas on PC as well.



The 360 already supports keyboards and most likely mice also. The problem is, the actual game developers have to enable support for them. I played Final Fantasy XI on xbox 360 for a short time. I plugged a run of the mill $10 usb keyboard in to the 360 and it worked like a charm. The same also works for Final Fantasy XI on ps2. If keyboards work out of the box, mice probably do to. But for whatever reason, software companies don't want to enable support for them in their games.



It will never happened the same as having FPS multiplayer game that would allow play consoles and PC on the same server, because consoles have no chance against PCs.

Having mouse control on consoles will be treated as cheating.



I have all 3 systems. I prefer the PS3 hands down, although i have been using it more for movies than gaming lately.

I hate the interface for the 360, but i use it for multiplayer with my friends who have the 360 and no PC. I absolutely hate the Wii-esque avatars. Why in the world would I pay to dress an avatar? the same goes for PlayStation Home. 

My kids use the Wii way more than I do. Some of the games are entertaining, but it pains me to to play them on a decent size HDTV. I actually prefer playing the Wii on a standard def CRT TV.

I am glad that there are no new consoles coming out. I don't think that the current gen consoles have seen their best games yet, except for maybe the Wii. I prefer gaming on the PC, and I think a lull in the constant console upgrade cycle is refreshing, and maybe developers will see that the PC is a better place to develop for. Hopefully.



The 360 is good enough that I'm not at all eager to spend another $300+ for the Next Big Thing in a year or two. With the 360 I'm going to hold out until either Gamestop stops stocking used 360 games, or MS cuts Live support for the 360.

What do I want to see on 'em? The return of hardware-based backwards-compatibility. Buying a PS2 felt like a reasonable upgrade, rather than a replacement. Older 360s supporting Halo 2 out of the box should have been a hint of how beneficial not fragmenting your customer base can be.

What MS and Sony should be doing meanwhile is perfecting their software. Whoever designed the Facebook and Twitter apps for 360 must not ever actually use either website. The console functionality is so basic that they're not worth using.



i call total BS on this bro. Not buying a new console till they stop stocing 360 games? Who the hell are you trying to fool. This is the same thing that EVERY fan boy said about the orig Xbox right before they went and waited in line for 72 hours to get the 360.


The console is old and when its twice as old it still ont be able to suport games as complicated at BF2 that came out during the lifetime of the orig Xbox. Meanwhile, who the hell knows how bad the PC will be making the consosl look.



seriously you're griping about twitter and facebook on a console? isn't it bad enough that social media is everwhere else you look?



With the XBOX 360 being a 'good' home media center.  I actually think it sucks.

It has very limited functionality, the interfaces are terrible, and media support is awful.  If MS can't lock it down and profit from it, it won't do it.

If they really cared about consumers being able to use it as a media center, you would be able to play ISO's over the network and other useful things that other, more consumer friendly boxes, allow/support.


MdX MaxX

I own a 360 (only for racing games, really), Wii (who doesn't?), and a PS2 (mostly for music games).  I think at this point, buying a PS3 would be pointless, especially since I'm not half the gamer I was years ago.  Once I'm in a situation where I can make some money (I'm 17) I'll explore the world of PC gaming.

I was just thinking about the next-gen console situation.  It really feels like these three systems will live for another 2-3 years at least.  I think it's because no one knows where to go next.  Everyone's trying out motion control, but new consoles aren't necessary for that.  Graphics can get much better, but I think only people such as PC enthusiasts will truly appreciate updated graphics.  3D console games probably won't benefit developers (yet).  Sony always introduces a new disc format with its systems, and we haven't heard much from BDXL.  And what's Nintendo going to do?  They really can't go back to a conventional controller, so the next console probably needs to be a more powerful Wii spinoff (same with the DS, they can't go back to one screen).  I can't imagine where consoles will go next.



Need a quick pc build?

Get a amd quad core at microcenter for $130, microcenter will give you a free mobo with it.

4Gb stick of ddr3 is $60

Radeon 6850 $150, will play all games

1tb hd $60

Case+PSU $100

Bam, awesome computer for $500



I have too many console that I have not even played so I am not looking forward to yet another console generation. Unless I am forgetting something I currently have:



Sea Saturn



Dreamcast (X2)


Xbox 360



Nintendo DS (X2)


I am not joking when I say that well over 80% of my games (250+ I think) are still in shrinkwrap because I have not had time to play them. What's sad is that I bought all these consoles and games when they were still in the middle of their life cycles. Many thousands of dollars sit on my shelf collecting dust. :(



I'm still using my original XBox from 2001 (or did I get it in 2002?). It's been modded and runs Xbox Media Center. It now has a 200gb drive in it and is mainly used as a front end for movies streamed from my Windows Home Server.



I own a PS3 and use it for just about all my video watching (via Netflix, DVDs/Blu-rays, and watching my HD recordings over my LAN). I also love a lot of the games on PS3 like LittleBigPlanet. 

I have a Wii for the Nintendo exclusives (including some great older GameCube titles).

I have a gaming PC for everything else. (Will be building a new one soon!)

I'm not a fan of FPS games that don't have more to them than shooting. (In other words - I love Mass Effect, but hate Call of Duty). If you love FPS games then the xbox 360 is probably the console for you.



"If you love FPS games then the xbox 360 is probably the console for you."

Ugh... FPS always have been, and always will be superior on the PC. Hands down. Console gamers can't even compete on the level that PC gamers can in the FPS arena!

If FPS are your thing, then PC is the way to go. If you like dumbed down controls, crap precision and 5yo graphics then sure, console it up! But me, I prefer the precision (and complexity) that a PC shooter offers. Not to mention the superior visuals that a PC offers that game consoles just can't compete with!



agreed, the mouse and keyboard reign supreme in fps games for accuracy and precision...i haven't touched a console since i have discovered pc gaming!



You can take the best console gamer, put them on a PC against a casual PC gamer and the casual PC gamer will win 9 times out of 10.  Console gamers are so used to auto-aim help from the game.  I don't think I've seen a PC game that has auto-aim help built into it for the last 10 years.  If you don't hit someone on the PC, you don't hit them.  If you are semi-close on the console you get a headshot, which is BS.



I also have a Nintendo DS (somewhere). I consider my iphone and my daughter's ipod touch to be game consoles as well. For the most part, I just play on the computer. Though my kid and I do the occasional epic Little Big Planet marathon. Most of that time is taken up by her dressing up her sack person in different outfits, and asking me what I think of it.

I used to have a Wii, but my daughter preferred to play with my phone, so I traded it for the ipod.

I don't have any plans to purchase any new consoles. I do plan on getting some new computer hardware the first couple of months next year. I figure a decent computer sitting on my kid's desk would be of greater benefit than a new game console under the TV.



@ HeartBurnKid,

Actually the costs of the PS3 and 360 aren't that far apart when you factor in some things. Add in $60 for 12 mth Xbox Live and if you buy an older model, the wireless adapter will add an additional $70-100 to the price as well. With the PS3, you can play online for free and you get blu-ray throw in as well.

However, I own both and do prefer the 360 because the online community is much better and the servers seem to work better there too (if online multiplayer is your thing).


Peanut Fox

Those servers are all running on P2P in most cases.  Some games will use their own servers, but in either case why does live carry such a steep fee?

If only the competition had something to offer.  



Bring on the next-gen! I'm tired of playing PC games that can also run on a crusty Xbox 360. What's the point of Fermi GPUs, DX11, quad core procs, etc if all we get are console ports? Oh yeah, they could also make PC exclusive games. Remember them?



I think this is just another situation where Moore's Law is now becoming defunct. But I also believe it's a result of game developers not being able to catch up to hardware advancements. Just look at GranTurismo 5's graphics - it looks like a first generation PS3 game's graphics back in 2005.



You must be kidding. GT5 looks incredible. Way better than launch games.



It's a racing game... Not too special there.

Besides, it IS a launch title that has taken forever to come out. And what the hell is the difference between GT5 and GT5 Prologue?



I currently own a Wii, and divide my gaming time pretty handily between Wii and PC.

I'm toying with getting either a 360 or a PS3 next year, due to MvC3.  I'm leaning towards the PS3 because paying for online multiplayer sucks, but I'm hesitant to go with the PS3 because of the higher up front cost and the fact that there's no guarantee that multiplayer won't suddenly become a PSN Plus service.  After all, it's Sony, they've pulled dick moves like this before (OtherOS, anyone?)



Well keep it like it is now, i have Xbox360, Wii, Playstation 2, Playtation 1, Super NES, NES, GameBoy SP, Gameboy DS, PSP, (they all work) ........That is just to many damn systems, I am not ready for a new system to come out now, i am happy with what i got now.....



It's just DS, the GameBoy line died after the GameBoy Advanced SP



We own 2 X360s and a handful of PCs. We considered buying a PS3 but a single game (exclusive and relevant to us ) on the system is not enough to justify the huge price tag.

Early 2011 we'll wait and see, maybe add Kinect if it drops at least 33% (to 100$) or even a PS3 if it drops at least 33% (to 200$).

Other than that itll be a standalone BD drive.



I like how people keep forgeting that Microsoft and Sony have stated many times that this generation of console will be closer to a 10 year cycle instead of 5.



I kind of wonder if they are not holding off for more 3D games and Movies. That way they can update hardware to match the new 3D sets that seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper every day.



Oh I hope not... I'd rather have better online play, stories and games than 3D visuals. It's nice for a little while but I will skip over a console if it's a 3D only one. Heck, I'm not sure I'd upgrade to a 3DS and I'm a huge Nintendo fan...


Fecal Face

The Xbox 360 Stutters playing Borderlands.

Yeah, we need new consoles. Unless amazing-looking games like Metro2033 are to stay on the PC. (which isn't all that much of a bad thing :P)

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