When Will We See the First Dual-Core Smartphone?



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Think of them as the new mobile office!

Hook up a bluetooth keyboard, use DLNA or a video out connector to display the info on your monitor...  These things are already more than fast enough now for basic word processing and web surfing.

By the end of the year there is supposed to be 2Ghz single core phones and 1.2Ghz dual core phones on the market.



I think you mean 1st Quarter 2011.

"if all goes to plan, it could show up in devices in the first quarter of 2010."



May I ask, what is the POINT?



I'm wondering if this is even necessary. True multitasking is something cellphones are starting to get a handle on, and now we want to introduce the possibility of multiple cores? Then again this all about the next big thing, and we have the technology to shrink the wait time for mobile devices compared to laptops or desktops.


bergie berg

Now hardware and software creators will have the opportunity to do things better than we did in the past.  Multicore computing is the step away from the Netburst Era, where performance was limited by clock speed and programs did things serially and inefficiently.  Almost all tasks can and should be done in parallel.

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